The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2014, April 12-13


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Fresh Air, Inc., d/b/a KFAI, is a nonprofit, community radio station that serves the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding communities in Minnesota.

KFAI strives to meet the needs of a diverse audience, offering access to the airwaves to many individuals and communities. To ensure access to diverse audiences, KFAI offers programming in 13 languages. Listeners can enjoy 89 programs weekly. KFAI's music format spans multiple genres including Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Caribbean, Latin, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Roots, and Zydeco. Our arts, talk and public affairs programming are equally diverse, ranging from spoken word, to sound effects, to short- and long-form documentaries.

KFAI's eclectic format engages nearly every segment of the community: males, females, young, old, gay, straight, majority, minority, first nation, long-time residents and new immigrants, as well as persons with disabilities. KFAI's morning drive show, The Morning Blend, combines news, information and music to introduce listeners to important topics and music genres that they might not otherwise be familiar. KFAI provides multiple ways to listen: live broadcasts on 90.3 in Minneapolis or 106.7 in St. Paul, streaming and archives at, and live streaming and on-demand access via the KFAI mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

What new functionality we are looking for

KFAI would like the following functionality in a new website: clean, uncluttered design that is user friendly; increase revenue, donations, volunteers, listeners, advertisers, underwriters; integrate social media; optimized for use on mobile devices; e–commerce; support online communities; gather visitor feedback; engage new audiences; provide easy content management; and SEO.

How the new functionality will help

A new website will help KFAI fulfill its mission by creating online communities that augment our efforts to reach and provide voice to peoples and communities that may be overlooked by mainstream media. A new website will also aid in fundraising, volunteer engagement and marketing to new audiences in the Twin Cities and around the world!

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

128 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-07 23:02:37 UTC
Laura Waterman Wittstock

Community radio gives smaller audiences the chance to hear public radio topics in depth through dialogue, long form interviews, and guests that can lend their views on public affairs.

KFAI needs a strong web site to support the diversity of programming it offers. Let's hear it for KFAI!

2014-03-07 23:22:57 UTC
Patti Walsh

I’ve been a volunteer since 1986. Something about KFAI has kept me in the fold; it is its own amorphous entity – made up from the spirit of its people – all of us. Our feelings go deep for this place, it goes beyond just doing music or public affairs programming. We care about our listeners and our community. We consider it a privilege to have air space and aspire to connect with our audience. The music programmers here are off-the-hook collectors and connoisseurs of whatever genre they’re into – they delve deep, and are knowledgeable and passionate about the music they play. I’ve learned so much from KFAI deejays, and I think we’ve all got a lot of respect for one another. I have always felt like part of a family. It’s a special radio station.

2014-03-08 02:16:39 UTC
Andy A

Right now, our website is built like a radio station (which, not coincidentally, is what we are)--it broadcasts audio and information to people who tune in. Someone once referred to it as our second antenna. But we need our internet presence to help us keep the community in community radio--to be a place where all kinds of different voices can make themselves heard and understood, and can hear and understand in return. The website can be an amazing tool to build communities, and to start conversations in all 13 languages currently spoken on KFAI's airwaves. We also want your help to pioneer the use of the internet and social media to create opportunities for conversation and understanding between different cultural, socioeconomic, ethnic, and language groups, something that I don't happens much on the internet right now.

2014-03-09 19:47:30 UTC
jazzed-up community member

KFAI needs a fresh website to serve the communities it reflects- ALL of our communities. The ability to connect through the internet is going to define the future of media and KFAI needs to be right out front with the rest of them because this station represents the true cultural make-up of our cities through their expanding diversity and progressive values. With a fraction of Public Radio's budget, KFAI serves an equally important role, and deserves all the help it can get!

2014-03-10 21:20:26 UTC
John Slade

It was science fiction that first brought me to KFAI - Little City in Space and Shockwave - and it was outside-the-box news (like KFAI produces and shows they carry like Democracy Now) that kept me there. Community radio needs an open-source mentality to compete with big-box massive corporate radio, as well as high-end, fancy-dancy "professional nonprofit" folks. This is an awesome partnership opportunity and I hope the Nerds will take it!

2014-03-11 05:39:31 UTC
Liz Olds

KFAI has been on the cutting edge of radio for 34 years. Through the airwaves it reaches inumerable diverse communities. To survive in the coming age of new types of media, KFAI must expand in new ways. Help with the website will make the continuation of this expansion possible. The station has already shown its commitment to new technologies, and the help of the Nerds will provide it with the ability to make further media dreams come true!

2014-03-11 15:33:45 UTC
Steve Mattsen

KFAI is one of the weirdest radio stations around and I love it. It's got a little bit of something for everyone.

Where else can you find accurate, in-depth news; fantastic, wonky jazz; over-the-top screaming punk music; Hmong music and news; literature discussions; and authentic Hindi / Middle-Eastern music?

I'm going to be a developer for this event and I hope our team gets KFAI :D

2014-03-11 20:44:18 UTC
Lee Pederson

I have been a KFAI listener, supporter and volunteer for a number of years, and I am convinced that KFAI is a vital force in making the world a better place. KFAI reflects and projects an international perspective from a uniquely local place that adds essential information and dialog towards the issues our world faces. Community exists on many levels, from the block we live on to the human being on the other side of the earth who shares same concerns as we do about their family, their health, their economy, their government and their future. KFAI's website is a valuable tool for connecting and communicating with these communities, so any improvements are welcome.

2014-03-11 20:45:16 UTC
David O'Sullivan

KFAI has been broadcasting for 35 years plus. It is a community radio station with a bare-bones staff (brilliant people) and a cadre of volunteers who do everything from on-air broadcasting to community outreach to everything else that a community radio station does. One of the things it does is maintain a web presence but web-design and deployment are not really where a disparate group of community radio folks excel. They could excel if there was time. That's why the station will benefit greatly from professional expertise. The station has the content (music, story, news, talk and talk and talk). What we need is the engine to drive it onto the web and establish and maintain a presence that services its growing Internet audience of visitors and listeners.
Malarkey - KFAI Monday 7:30pm

2014-03-11 20:53:52 UTC
Steve M

KFAI offers something few other radio stations in the world provide - true community radio, run by and for the community, but with content that encompasses more than just the community. It embraces the world. There are so many aspects of KFAI that would be lost if the station vanished. It must be kept vibrant and alive. One of the ways to do that is to have a website that encourages movement and participation through the site. A website redesign can assist in the effort to remain relevant in a society that is increasingly digital.

2014-03-11 21:37:28 UTC
Simon Husbands

We are all getting older but technology is getting newer! It's time to shake out the cobwebs and bring our 'little radio station that could' into the 21st century - kicking and screaming at the top of it's lungs for all the world to hear. Turn on, tune in and turn it up online. KFAI. The world is our community - let's systemize, stylize, customize and wake the world up with a grand new design!

2014-03-12 02:02:49 UTC
Susan Budig

I've listened to KFAI radio since 2003. What caught my ear then and has held it is that Fresh Air radio plays MY music. I can call the studio and make a request; contact a show host by email or other social media and make a request; guest-host my own show via The WAVE Project and play my own setlist.

It's responsive and accessible and gives me ad-free music and news. I'll continue to support KFAI, my station that lives up to its tag: radio without boundaries.

2014-03-12 02:39:04 UTC
E. Teller

I’m a Powderhorn resident and I’ve listening to Fresh Air since its inception in 1978. It was my salvation from DISCO!!! I still love KFAI and have been evolving with it from their days of broadcasting from the Walker Church, to their studios in the dental office on Bloomington and Lake, and on to their permanent home at Riverside and Cedar. Their eclectic programming continues to be a mainstay in my household and I am a lifetime member. What needs to evolve some more is KFAI’S WEBSITE! Nerds, please rescue them!

2014-03-12 03:11:04 UTC

When I was growing up in Minneapolis, my family and I listened to KFAI constantly. The first thing that I could reliably read was my dad's KFAI t-shirt-I still remember what it said too. It described the station as one that "does the channel surfing for you", because it has so many different types of programs. It's true. KFAI caters to everyone, because it is *made* by everyone.

I moved from Minneapolis to a town 45 minutes away when I was 8. Even though I was no longer able to listen to KFAI at home (as there was not wireless internet or streaming yet...) I still knew to be ecstatic when their range grew (we could get it when the wind was in the right direction). When I went to college, one of my biggest criteria was whether or not they had a station, because I wanted to be able to do my own show like I heard on KFAI. I've moved back to the cities now, and I extoll the virtues of KFAI constantly-they're amazing. I'm actually listening to the radio right now. "Bonjour Minnesota" just finished (I remember listening to it in high school to help with my studying) and a show I've never listened to just came on. It appears to be a Turkish cultural show, and so far it is SUPER GREAT. This music is so danceable and interesting!

Obviously, I love radio, and KFAI has a special place in my heart. Each and every show on the station brings people together and there is something for everyone. Some shows on KFAI have been my favorites for years (Sugar Shop and Bop Street) and some I'm just discovering now (check out Sound Affects-RADIO PLAYS!!!). This station has been part of my life for a long time, and they deserve to have a website that will encourage others to check them out as well.

2014-03-12 08:49:15 UTC
Barbara Blanche Sibley

For many listeners, KFAI's website is the main way, the only way they interact with KFAI. Let's make that portal to KFAI a place that allows people to go from visitors to regulars, and oh yeah, to *supporters* of true community radio.

2014-03-12 12:53:51 UTC
Lydia Howell

KFAI Radio is not only non-commercial---it's A COMMUNITY OF THE AIR WAVES. KFAI is locally-produced public affairs, many from perspectives rarely acknowledged much less heard in other media---to the most diverse music in the Twin Cities and beyond. Most radio stations only play ONE (or maybe 2) musical genres and have a very limited "play list". KFAI has an INFINITE play list and plays music from Americana to zydeco, every kind of rock to music from around the world, classic country (almost unavailable now( to jazz from ragtime to current and more.

I learn about issues & ideas, arts & cultures that are new to me---while also continuing to discover new music! Check out KFAI and you'll certainly find much that you'll enjoy!

2014-03-12 13:06:26 UTC
Wendy Gaskill

I am a long time listener and support of KFAI. The wide variety of global music, arts and culture and news is very valuable to our community. Our goal of inclusion of everyone is at the forefront of our vision! Please listen to KFAI! It is a true treasure!

2014-03-12 13:32:51 UTC
Stephen B.

Please consider supporting KFAI's interests in improving the web site. My experience with KFAI has developed over the past 2 years. KFAI now serves as a primary resource to me for international, national, state and metro news as well as diverse music and cultural awareness. An improved web site will help me and many other listeners continue to develop our understanding of what is happening in our world and how to link with others who are interested and concerned about how to live a better life and sustain our world in a healthy manner. Thank you.

2014-03-12 14:00:00 UTC
Kartik Subbu

Ever since I have moved to the Twin Cities in 2011, KFAI has been a mainstay in my day. Democracy Now, my favorite radio show of all time is an inspiration in times of warped media outlets funded by mega-agencies and conglomerates. That KFAI chooses to partner with and play amazing shows is testament to their commitment to serving the diverse individuals that reside here in the Twin Cities.

From having radio programs in several languages across the week to exploring many genres of music (not just Top 40 and pop), KFAI is a gem. I truly hope that they get the website re-design that they want so that they can continue to touch people's lives in the Twin Cities in a better way.

2014-03-12 14:27:42 UTC
Martha Hotchkiss

My wife and I are devoted members and supporters of KFAI for so many reasons: perhaps first and foremost because KFAI provides excellent news and analysis of current events, local, national and international. We also deeply value that we can stay in touch with the events of the Twin Cities' many communities, among them Hmong, Somali, Ethiopian, African American, Latin@, and LGBTQ.

As a teenager in St. Paul in the 1980s, I discovered KFAI on my dial, which opened a window unto all kinds of music and culture that I otherwise might never have discovered. Without a doubt, KFAI is still doing that for all kinds of people!

Finally, as European American Spanish speakers, we love being able to hear Spanish language programming with both music and news.

2014-03-12 18:50:18 UTC
Shea Peeples

KFAI is a community treasure and getting better all the time. It's appreciated by an array of people and offers a range of programs unlike that of any other radio station in the metro area. I use their website frequently to listen to archived shows, scan eclectic news items, and look at playlists for inspiration. The web site will play an increased role in the station's wellbeing.

2014-03-12 15:37:49 UTC
Scott G.Hanson

in 1979 kfai found me but it was a good find i loved it loved being there for seven years as a sports director sportscaster newscaster and substitute disc jockey fun with the kfai evening news and the hanson half hour and then i was a recording artist where 24 out of 109 of my records played over kfai on pam without boundaries
rockin' in rhythm
the pop shop
stone soup
and even mn sound in where i was proud to be a minnesotan
one of my 109 record titles is called kfai
yes a record of my feelings of kfai
my favorite record that played over kfai cola my 9 second record almost 10 times better than none and it has played every year since 2011 so its played 2011 2012 2013 and on new years day 2014 now to me that is a love i love and for this radio station to go i hope never but all good things do sadly end someday and i hope that someday is so far far away love and peace cola and former kfai star scott g.hanson

2014-03-12 16:06:09 UTC
Jenean Gilmer

In an increasingly corporate and homogenized radio landscape, KFAI provides an entertaining and engaging space for diverse community voices. Any opportunity to make KFAI available to wider audiences and continue to garner support contributes to making the Twin Cities a richer community, aware of local issues and able to access wide variety of music.

2014-03-12 16:22:12 UTC
steve k.

KFAI is easily one of the best advantages to living in this area. It is the ONLY station I have ever heard that CAN AND DOES boast that "we play so many different styles of music even WE don't like it all". It is always amazing to me when I stop and think that 90 percent (or more?) of the KFAI staff is volunteer working for NO PAY. It is truly independent and for that I love it and have been a listener for over fifteen years. It always has been true community radio that is the exact opposite of your other radio options.

2014-03-12 16:52:11 UTC
Kathy Mouacheupao

KFAI has been an important platform for my brother and I to bring Hmong-American voices and perspectives to the airwaves. Since 2006, we've been able to broaden audiences for Hmong artists, report on news that's relevant to our community and offer a glimpse into the Hmong-American experience. KFAI provides, nurtures and continues to learn how to be the best community possible.

2014-03-12 17:28:46 UTC
Steve Longstaff

Kfai serves the entire community . I cannot think of a culture that is not represented in their programming.
I think they are extremely deserving of a web upgrade

2014-03-12 17:34:43 UTC
Bob Losinger

I started listening to KFAI when I couldn't find anything else on the radio worth listening to. I happened on KFAI by accident during Rockin' N Rhythm. I was so impressed with what I was hearing that I searched out the KFAI website and sent an email to the host requesting a couple of songs. The following Wednesday, the host played my requests. Through email communication with the host, I was invited to visit the station, signed up to be a volunteer and am now a programmer with my own weekly show, I am an instructor for the station's Board Certification classes and produce during Pledge Drives. Over time, our show has accumulated listeners from coast to coast and over seas as well. Since we are a late night show, many of our listeners listen via the station's archives. This is very important to us as late night hosts and programmers. I have made many new friends through my volunteer activities at KFAI and greatly expanded my music appreciation.

2014-03-12 18:56:39 UTC
Erik Roth

"Fresh Air" is well named: it is both a necessity for life, and in its freshness, a delight, making the free-range radio airwaves all the sweeter.

As "the community's voice" it serves to express and embody what we have together, while showing and celebrating our diversity.

I treasure our little station on the prairie, and whether listening "live" or archived, savor it every day in so many ways.

Joe Simon wrote a song with lyrics that say:
"There's a river somewhere
Flows through the lives of everyone ..."

KFAI takes me to the river, and in that river of sound, washes me down, cleanses my soul, keeps my feet on the ground, and my head where the air is fresh.

2014-03-12 19:18:31 UTC
Steve Jewell

I moved back to the area from Dallas in 1988. I had never heard of KFAI and literally found on the dial one afternoon in 1989. For the last 25 years, KFAI has been a preset on my car and home stereo tuners. The on air DJ's and behind the scene volunteers that keep this station running 24X7X365 is inspiring. The diversity of programming truly makes this a community radio and one that reflect it's diverse listening audiences. Me? I love on air KFAI: my world beat, blues, jazz and even "Good N Country and Echo Chamber.

What has always surprised me is how the on air presence is not as well represented "on-line". As more and more consumers are self-serve oriented,the KFAI website needs to better reflect that user interface.
To celebrate 35 years is terrific. I want to see KFAI have a website that takes them into their next 35 years!

Steve Jewell

2014-03-12 20:04:54 UTC
Suzann Eisenberg Murray

There is no radio station like KFAI. Their diverse content, their committed staff and their cadre of devoted volunteers is nithing short of amazing. I have spent significant time at the station as a consultant and am a long time listener and donor. They will leverage the time and creativity of a donated website in really profound ways. It will be a good investment.

2014-03-12 20:11:09 UTC
Teresa Engstrom

I moved to the Twin Cities fifteen years ago and was dismayed at the quality of radio music stations. While I was whining to my friends, someone said, well there is one kind of off-the-wall station you might like. Like it? I loved it! I love the diversity of the people, I love the diversity of the music, I love the diversity of the conversations. I listen mostly from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This station is just the best. A place for everyone to love.

2014-03-12 20:34:26 UTC
Christine Mitzuk

KFAI is my favorite radio station. The variety of music meets my extremely varied musical tastes. I learn something practically every time I listen. They need a new website. The radio stream doesn't always stream and the archives don't always work. The need something to keep them competitive with other stations or something to make them even more unique. It's a great resource to have. They support local music, people just starting out, and established artists. Plus they give a voice to cultural communities that don't get a voice through main stream radio. I LOVE KFAI.

2014-03-12 20:44:43 UTC

KFAI radio....
a broad stroke of varied musical colors, with beautiful connecting details,painting the air waves.
Truth Maze

2014-03-12 20:54:12 UTC

I listen to KFAI because I know that I'll be hearing from people who are passionate about the music they're playing and the topics they're discussing. KFAI reminds me what enthusiasm sounds can accomplish. KFAI also makes a point of representing Minnesota's diversity. If KFAI had a new website, they would be able to take their mission to the next level. They would be able not only to broadcast to listeners but also help them engage in dialogue with one another. This type of community interaction will only grow in importance in the years to come. People know that KFAI doesn't favor any one group, community, or lifestyle. That's why they're respected. A new website would allow the station to put their standing in the community to good use.

2014-03-12 21:07:07 UTC
Annona Gourmet

I have been listening almost as long as KFAI has been on the air & LOVE this station. There really is nothing like it and I have learned so much. The fact that almost everyone is a volunteer is inspiring and a commitment to the community that is the Twin Cities. With live streaming they are reaching other audiences that also crave diverse programming and they leave no community out. An updated website would give them a better online presence and encourage more people to listen. It is also the station on in the store and we always have customers asking about the music we listen to. It doesn't get better than KFAI!

2014-03-12 21:36:58 UTC
Ryan Johnson

The variety of music and content for a community radio station is beyond any commercial station. Also KFAI does a great job interviewing those in politics. Such diversity in radio from current events to entertainment makes KFAI the best radio station in Minnesota and as such should have a website that matches that excellence.

2014-03-13 01:04:14 UTC
Geoffrey Gurak

I've been more than happy to be a part of the KFAI family these past few years, and believe it to be one of the greatest assets to our community's culture. Few and far between are radio stations that dedicate programming to the issues that need to be heard. Some of the effort I have seen put forth by KFAI's DJ's has been some of the finest in quality programming. It's a beautiful thing to see so many different cultures represented in a non-polarizing way, all on one beloved medium.

Our website is functional, provides great information to the listener, and has great opportunities for interaction. With the speed at which technology and technological availability has been growing in the past decade, it's becoming increasingly vital for this Twin Cities staple to have a more prominent role in our digital world. I would love to see what sorts of enhancements can be made from a dedicated team with a mindset for website design.

2014-03-13 07:16:29 UTC
Kristopher Lambert

I began listening to KFAI independent radio as a teenager living in the northern suburbs scanning the bandwidth on a car radio in an open field it barely tuned in yet continuing with weekly broadcasts I was soon introduced to many truly alternative music group thanks to the fabulous host of the 'So What' show amoung other programs. Since those days I moved into the Twin Cities, and at any rate, the signal has strengthened. I've been simply amazed at the diverse programing and try to pledge my support in whatever way I can.

2014-03-13 10:23:41 UTC
Ben Wilson

KFAI is unsurpassed among radio broadcasters in providing it's listeners with a broad range of music and culture. It is truly engaged with the diverse communities that have changed the face of the Twin Cities since its inception 35 years ago. I have learned so much listening to the station over time. Though invaluable to one living in its local area, it makes for great listening anywhere. I moved away over 20 years ago, but thanks to the internet, KFAI is still the station I listen to most. Even among public broadcasters, it is truly a standout.

2014-03-13 14:14:23 UTC
J. Otis Powell‽

KFAI is a welcoming home for songs, stories, news, personalities, free speech, languages, cultural representations from all over earth and beyond, voices witnessing truth and it consequences and poems. This is the stuff of community and what’s left of “broadcasting” in America; we need to support and promulgate what might be our last frontier in public access and domain. The world wide web needs to carry our message like a flag so the universe can see hope really potent we are.

2014-03-13 14:26:28 UTC
Marya Morstad

I have been the host and producer of "Art Matters" on KFAI for over 20 years. In that time, I have interviewed thousands of artists and featured so many arts organizations and initiatives which contribute to the rich tapestry of our cultural life in the Twin Cities. KFAI is such an amazing hub for arts, culture, news and public affairs for our local community via all of our diverse, multi-lingual programming. The more enhanced our web site and digital capacity is, the better we can serve our listeners. Thanks!

2014-03-13 21:13:11 UTC
Bruce Arnevik

I first tuned into KFAI sometime in the 1980s. It caught my attention then and still does today. I appreciate the wide variety of music I can hear and the news perspectives I find there. As so many are testifying to, the vast cultural mix combined with deep local roots is rather unique. Hope they can get the web upgrade to make a good thing even better!

2014-03-13 16:45:01 UTC
Emily K

KFAI has opened so many doors for me -- lasting friendships, access to studio space, opportunities to develop my skills as a DJ and programmer and unmeasurable knowledge about diverse communities, culture and music.

KFAI gives access to nontraditional and underrepresented media makers. If given the opportunity to further develop our website, we would have a chance to connect with younger and more diverse audiences and compete in the ever-changing world of media. KFAI's many volunteers, listeners and supporters need & deserve this!!

2014-03-13 16:46:53 UTC
Glen Leslie

There was a time when we could say (with assurance) that "you won't hear what we play on KFAI on any other radio station." Now, with the internet, we are no longer just competing with local competition. We compete with the world! And the fact of the matter is, you CAN here much of what we play on KFAI at other radio stations around the world that have an internet presence. But that's only half the story. Great radio is about curating. It's about contextualizing. It's about presenting the material in a unique, meaningful way. And THAT'S what separates KFAI from the rest.

We need a website that can foster that unique curating of the material we have.

2014-03-13 16:56:15 UTC
Todd Heintz

KFAI Is truly a community radio that reflects all of the communities in the twin cities. It gives a voice to the community who do not have a voice in other areas of the TwinCities media. I listen to KFAI because of the diversity of the shows and they tell the news that I would not hear any where else. KFAI IS IMPORTANT TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY.

2014-03-13 16:57:31 UTC
M. Helms

A great website is a necessity for a community-based organization like KFAI where communication is at the heart of its mission. KFAI doesn't have the financial resources to build the kind of website it needs and deserves in order to disseminate its unique brand of music and public affairs programming. Please help KFAI update its website! Thank you for your consideration.

2014-03-13 17:00:25 UTC
Rajib B

I have been a member of the Board of Directors, multiple committes, volunteer programmer, and photo-journalist for the station. With support from KFAI, I've had the privilege contribute interviews/news item of world class musicians, artists, movie makers, and writers such as Garry Schyman, Palbasha Siddique, Matt Harding, Mostafa Sarwar Farooqi, Anisul Hoque, and countless others. In addition, I have had the privilege to bring musicians from other countries for live concert. KFAI stays true to it's mission of giving voice to those that don't have any in mainstream media. It'll help us greatly if we have a website that is more intuitive. One of the challenge with approaching guests with high portfolio is establishing credibility. First impression always matters... Your website is one of the first impression you make when you communicate with the other party via electronic medium. If they see a clunky site then they'll think we don't know how to make professional presentation. A prospective employer is more likely to give the job to a man with better suit than someone more qualified with mediocre dress.

2014-03-13 17:00:41 UTC
Lynn Santacaterina, KFAI Sales Representative

KFAI is a one of a kind venue with programming that redefines creativity and inclusivity. KFAI's website is a first stop for many who are seeking the rich programming here, so getting an upgrade that helps our website reflect and engage the diversity we are will be a huge asset.

2014-03-13 17:05:47 UTC
Lynette Reini-Grandell

KFAI is a model for how a huge variety of people with different ideas and backgrounds can work together and enrich each other's lives. But more people need to know about us! I think the website could do a better job of connecting and enlarging the KFAI community. I've been a volunteer at the station for almost 20 years and am grateful for the community it has allowed me to be a part of. We would all benefit in helping KFAI develop methods for 21st century community-building.

2014-03-13 17:23:45 UTC
Luke Andrews

KFAI is the station I was looking for as a kid, but didn't know until I found it. Now my own son can grow up with the music he won't find so easily elsewhere on the dial. He loves his Uncle Fela, Uncle Toots, and Uncle Boards of Canada. In short, it's a family affair. It would be a shame not to broaden KFAI's reach to an even larger audience through this website amelioration. Now, if only more school bus drivers could tune it in...

2014-03-13 17:35:07 UTC
Dave Romm

Fresh Air Radio fosters community by bringing people together. Providing radio programs to underserved audiences, reporting the news from a local perspective, sponsoring community events... and providing a forum for information and interaction for listeners and anyone else. I've been part of the station since joining with Shockwave Radio Theater barely a year after KFAI went on the air. Since, I've worked on the newsletter, done live broadcasts, been part of the news team, and went on to teach html and web design. In 1979, I used to brag that our mono signal was "exclusive to parts of South Minneapolis". Now, we can be heard all over the world... and we are! Our community serves local interests but has ties to people and places that were inaccessible just a few years ago. A good web site is more than a source of information about the radio station, more than another channel for the audio broadcast, more than another social media, more than a way for programmers and listeners to interact. The Fresh Air Radio web site connects all these things, but more: our online resource is synergistic, and is greater than the sum of its parts. That's always been what KFAI is all about, and we should build on our strengths: What we did best with the resources available in the 1970s, we can do best with the resources available in the 2010s.

2014-03-13 17:37:55 UTC
Sarah Lageson

A station like KFAI is a gem - other community radio stations have lost support and sustainability over the years. A strong web presence will help KFAI continue its unique vision and service.

2014-03-13 17:50:46 UTC
Doug Cain

Empowerment! Voices HEARD - Shared - Connection! KFAI has brought visceral & literal connection to Community & communities for 35 years. These days internet profiles are increasingly important to maintain and serve to broaden access to a newer constituency. is a vital link for the next generations of listeners, citizens, and voters. As a programmer I have taken calls from people outside our geographic area many times... it is amazing to know that people can be listening across the country & world. The new tools which are available on-line can move this radio station to a whole other level.

2014-03-13 19:45:21 UTC
Ann Alquist

KFAI has so much social capital that it's developed over the years - now it's time to take advantage of the technological infrastructure out there to direct community energy into creating content that's reflective of the Twin Cities AND meet its mission of community access. Fostering music discovery, sharing alternative and independent voices and perspectives and having a platform for immigrant and refugee diasporas are KFAI's tent poles - and can be made all the more vibrant online!

2014-03-13 18:18:01 UTC

I love the House Party and the after party at the 331 Club. Harold brings great music to the airwaves and keeps jamming with the blues and many genres of that category. Play on my friend, play on. LOVE IT.. :)

2014-03-13 19:03:23 UTC
scott g.hanson one more time

i'm writing this for a reason can you tell me what other radio station in the entire world would play my "cola" record that is only 9 seconds long it is a cut from an album not a single not a video and played on shows and played almost 10 times better than none if you were to tell me i do not know i would believe you because cola is one of a kind and so is K F A I F M R A D I O
SCOTT G. HANSON FOREVER STAR OF COLA and 108 other record titles
thanks so and bless you k f a i

2014-03-13 19:33:42 UTC
Ken Hippler-producer/host of "Good N' Country"

I began listening to "Good N' Country" in 1984 when it was being presented by it's creator, my departed friend and mentor Johnny Fields. I became a volunteer in 1996 when Johnny invited me to engineer the show and get more involved with KFAI upon receiving some recordings that I donated. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to succeed Johnny upon his retirement in 1997. I am so very blessed that we have KFAI as a place for me to share not only true and classic country music, but small label, obscure and out of print country music that the reissue labels have thus far forgotten. Commercial radio has not served the traditional country music community well, and that's where "Good N' Country" comes in. I look forward to KFAI expanding into the future of media to assist us in delivering our content to our passionate listeners (existing and forthcoming), and a rebuilt user friendly website with new media in mind will help to take us there.

2014-03-13 21:17:54 UTC
Michael Rose (AKA Dr. StrangeDub)

KFAI-FM Fresh Air Radio is like no other radio station for miles and miles... Not one station compares in Minnesota. This is a station who's arms are open to the community in all it does. And when I say "community" what this really means is the summation of all the various communities that make up the Twin Cities, and Minnesota - from the various ethnic communities, the different music communities, the LGBT communities, the political and activist communities. When profit is not the motive, but serving the information, education, and entertainment needs of the "community" as a whole, then something great can be created. And nowhere is that more true than at KFAI-FM!

2014-03-13 21:42:00 UTC
Dave Roberts

KFAI started out as a radio station back in 1978 and in the past 36 years has grown to be so much more. It truly is 'The Communities True Voice' As so much or our programming is being accessed via the web site, having a clean, easy to access and mobile ready web destination is so crucial. Our inclusive Arts and Culture coverage, agenda free and comprehensive news coverage and our eclectic music offerings are truly world based and having an effective and powerful web site is so critical to our growing reach. Please help this lone voice that needs to be heard in the shadow of growing corporate influence in all areas of media.

2014-03-13 23:01:21 UTC
Jim R

I've been a volunteer at KFAI since I arrived in the Twin Cities 2.5 years ago. It is such an important part of the community. It plays music and broadcasts public affairs that aren't available anywhere else on our airwaves. It gives volunteers a chance to learn about radio, with many eventually getting their own weekly show. It helps members of the community plan and broadcast their own one-time one-hour program. During the week you can hear a dozen different languages representing a dozen different communities. The fact that KFAI has so many volunteers, and so many listeners who support the station with their donations, demonstrates how important KFAI is to the community.

2014-03-14 00:36:43 UTC
Jumondeh Owen Kenneth Tweh

KFAI is not only a second home to me but a second family. Since I began volunteering, I've meet people from many different cultural, social, and racial backgrounds. If we all collected our stories into one colossal book it would be The NY Times bestseller for twelve months straight(conservative guess). This station is like Cheers, everybody knows your name.

2014-03-14 01:47:03 UTC
elena erofeeva

I find KFAI not only a great asset to volunteers like myself, but also an important member of international community of Twin Cities.

The radio station is small, but it is the only station that features over 40 different shows a week and many of them are produced in languages other than English.
With lack of exposure to treasury of international musical traditions in much of mainstream media, the KFAI presents an alternative. A place where you can soak different music in and expand your connection with the world.

2014-03-14 02:17:15 UTC
Brad Bergerson

Not only a great community radio station, but a true supporter of local musicians and live music which helps maintain a diverse and vibrant music culture for all to enjoy.

2014-03-14 05:34:08 UTC
Kue Xiong

I have been listening to KFAI radio for about four years. The talk-show perspective, programming, and engaging listenership encourage positive and thoughtful arguments to uplift the community, and educate what happens around us. I was surprised the station is primarily function on community volunteers in the past years. I find the support, network, and structure is one of the many unique traits KFAI has offer. The opportunity for the community to express their voices through a media is not very common. I highly support KFAI on-going activities for the communities!

Keep it up!

2014-03-14 13:56:58 UTC
Laurie M

KFAI brings great joy into my life. An expanded, more user friendly website would increase the likelihood and capacity for more listeners, donations, volunteers and programming possibilities, and as such,it is more than well deserved!

2014-03-14 18:11:03 UTC

Wait Kfai has website? actually I am so computer illiterate i never use it but if it was better I might start. Love the radio station with its mix of cultures , languages , and musics. I feel like I travel to a different country all of the time.

2014-03-14 19:32:30 UTC
Brenda Bell Brown

KFAI forever avails itself as a versatile vehicle for expression. It is a constant play of historical, social and cultural content. Let us power forward.

2014-03-14 20:26:35 UTC
Pam K

I have been involved with KFAI for 20 years and have seen it's volunteers give many, many hours of their time and energy to this unique radio station. Founded by people who felt a great need for a radio station that gives voice to communities that are otherwise unrecognized and have no viable access to the airwaves, KFAI does indeed provide this service to under represented communities. Whether it be musically, politically, or social. Moving forward to the future with all the technology at hand is important. I will continue to support KFAI as a radio programmer and volunteer and member for as long as it is on the air!

2014-03-14 21:30:08 UTC

I have been an ardent supporter of KFAI for over 20 years. They are more than just a radio station which plays music (although they do that without equal). For many of the marginalized of our melting pot this station is a voice, a breath of fresh air, with sounds and news of home. KFAI is the living ethos of what public and community radio should be. They deserve a new web site.
Please choose them,
Thank You

2014-03-14 22:12:20 UTC
Mary Bensman

For anyone who thinks radio is dead ... Forget it and tune into the weird and wonderful world of KFAI . It's a crossroads of cultures, polemics and arcane musical knowledge operated by passionate fools. You couldn't pay us to do this! There's the rub. When you are afraid that all original things have been replaced by Starbucks and NPR. Support us.

2014-03-14 22:24:01 UTC
Michael F

KFAI community radio has come a long long way since being up in the attic of the old Walker Church in south Minneapolis in the 70's. First as a listener and now as a weekly volunteer for the past seven years I have come to appreciate the unique blend of dedication and talent that makes KFAI what it is in our community.

"Diversity" only begins to explain the impact Fresh Air Radio has for so many people. This labor of love needs to be loved in return, and an upgraded and user-friendly web presence serves to open more doors and virtual windows on both sides of our community equation.

Volunteers will still volunteer and listeners will still listen - but our ability to interact is the real fresh air between us.

2014-03-15 14:48:48 UTC
Barbara Vaile

The world works bottom-up. In a top-down (dysfunctional) world the voice for bottom-up is urgent. I found KFAI through Amy Goodman's Democracy Now. Now I punch in whenever get in my car to hear all the pieces coming together. Peace.

2014-03-14 23:00:10 UTC
Alan Carlson

KFAI Community Radio is an absolutely essential media access resource because it is controlled by the community and not corporations or the so-called "media elites". This is one of the VERY few places you can hear music and information that hasn't been "focus grouped" or is part of some PR campaign. It is stunningly REAL because the people making it are not paid to push a product or a line of propaganda. Immediately upon your first contact with KFAI, it is clear that KFAI Community Radio is so very different from the accomodationist "public media" that it deserves a close listen and your passionate support as a member or volunteer.

2014-03-15 01:52:58 UTC
Ricardo "Rico" Morales

I owe so much appreciation to KFAI Fresh Air community radio; staff, volunteers, partners, etc. This organization has chosen to help me in my life in so many ways. To allow me to be involved as a volunteer and regain many life skills and to improve my professionalism. I come from many circles of people whom have been underrepresented and ignored by most other communities. My life is only made better by being involved and helpful to this community. KFAI adds value and purpose to my life. As a person who leans more to the 'right' in my political, social, etc. beliefs I have grown more educated and compassionate towards those who may not agree with me and I am learning to be more accepting of others by listening. That is what we get from this radio station. We are blessed to be able to listen to many topics and views with facts, opinions, and presentations. I have grown to become a better advocate for others even when we do not agree we can still help each other. This is why I love KFAI; the people are forgiving when you make 'The Wrong Mistake', the training is high quality, and the community is more like a wide family. As a writer/editor and technical 'nerd' I can see many ways our website could use some work done and I would be grateful to win this opportunity. Thank you very much.

2014-03-15 05:12:22 UTC
Carol Gustafson

I am so happy to be listening to your radio station regularly. I work out of my garage making electronic circuit boards and I need to have my mind challenged. Your station always had something amazing to listen to. Thank you for your diverse programming.

2014-03-15 13:21:43 UTC
Steven Christenson

Why KFAI? Yes, it serves the community, but also because it is a dynamic community that has succeeded and grown for decades. It would be effect well-directed.

2014-03-15 13:25:32 UTC
John Alderman

KFAI saves me money because if they weren't here I'd need a satellite radio subscription. No one else plays so much good music, from so many different cultures and genres, so much of the time. I wake up listening to great soul and gospel Saturday morning while I cook breakfast for my kids, I listen to great jazz while I'm running Saturday morning errands, I listen to great old country and reggae while I'm preparing Saturday dinner, and I unwind listening to great groove music Saturday night. When Captain Beefheart died a few years ago, the only station where I heard his music played was KFAI.

2014-03-15 15:19:04 UTC
Brian Stricherz

KFAI has been a part of my life since 1985. KFAI has evolved over the years, but has always been a voice for the community as a whole and the diversity that makes up the whole. There is so much variety/diversity at KFAI that I never need to listen to any other station. KFAI has long been a jewel of the Twin Cities communities and I hope The Nerdery will help them in their quest to further evolve. KFAI is very valuable to very many people.

2014-03-17 17:08:42 UTC

I do not go a day without listening to KFAI; this listener-supported station is a must for me. It is "permanent" on my car radio ... on my iPad via TuneIn ... on my clock radio! As one of the most diverse stations I have ever heard, I love it for keeping me tuned in on all news aspects and global music. A can't-live-without, must have for me!!

2014-03-15 20:54:39 UTC

What a great day when I discovered KFAI! Here was a radio station that offered not only a variety of topical programs but also programs that included American as well as global music genres. Together they embrace community, share community and promote community . . . and the internet has expanded this community far beyond the Twin Cities. An easy-to-use and inviting web site is a portal to this wonderful place where I now volunteer.

2014-03-15 23:43:10 UTC
Carol Overland

KFAI is a very important resource, for me, since 1980. It has less corporate influence than public radio, and more representative of the community relying on dedicated volunteers to make it happen -- hence "community radio" telling us what we need to know (which can be a little different than what we want to hear. KFAI pushes just enough to broaden our perspectives and with the internet, its reach is extended, for me, all the way to Red Wing. The NERD help would make a difference because KFAI's expertise is radio, and internet technicalities, presence, marketing is a separate specialty, different than radio, and hey, KFAI can't be experts in everything, and could use a little help!

2014-03-15 23:57:30 UTC
Ted Singer

KFAI supports many non-profits and community organizations. This project will have an impact on KFAI's ability to reach new audiences, better serve our existing members and communities and bring a new generation of people to the organization.

2014-03-16 17:07:32 UTC

A revamped website maybe just what KFAI needs to bridge the gap that currently exist with a new generation of listeners who generally rely on technology for news, music, etc.

2014-03-16 19:23:26 UTC
Susan Barrett

Very few cities around the country have a community radio station. Here in the Twin Cities, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a resource. The vast majority of the programming is local and the variety of programs showcase the musical knowledge and insights of dozens of program hosts interested in various musical genres. With more people using the internet to listen and interact with KFAI, the importance of a great website increases. In addition to music, KFAI provides local affairs programming and programs in more than a dozen languages. Check out and view the variety of programs - take a listen and see what you think!

2014-03-16 23:52:53 UTC
jean back

KFAI is the only radio station I listen to. I love it! Versatile programming. Hard to believe a radio station run by volunteers can be this good. The best part - The archives. I can listen to any show any time I want. I listen via the internet as I am in N MN. Another great feature is listening live via the internet.

2014-03-17 17:09:49 UTC
Gilberto Vázquez Valle

KFAI is truly radio by, from and for the community. Besides, amazing, unique, diverse music programming, KFAI gives a space and a public voice to minority communities that otherwise wouldn’t have any. We need an efficient, user-friendly website that magnifies KFAI’s reach and, therefore, its contribution to the empowerment of marginalized communities.

2014-03-16 20:42:31 UTC

I volunteer at KFAI because nothing else quite brings our diverse Twin Cities community together like this awesome radio station. KFAI has something for everyone!

2014-03-16 21:06:58 UTC

I have listed to KFAI for over 20 years. I enjoy the variety and depth of programming. The station represents community members that do not have a voice in Twin Cities commercial radio.

2014-03-17 18:47:16 UTC
David Cummings

What a treasure we have in KFAI. Now we have the ability to share this treasure with the rest of the world. How cool is that! Because of our web site, like many programmers here at KFAI I have listeners all over the globe. Maintaining a friendly usable web-site is critical.

2014-03-17 12:59:13 UTC
Neal Bailey

Things KFAI does better than any other local station:

-Plays the widest variety of music
-Has the best local election coverage
-Provides the most used Vinyl and CD's in their annual sale (happening soon!)
-has the friendliest station lobby and shortest walk from there to the Acadia, Red Sea or Hard Times.
-does it all without the information bias you hear in other, far wealthier stations.

2014-03-17 14:52:07 UTC
Dixie Treichel

I have been a volunteer and host on Fresh Fruit, the longest running queer radio show in the country, since 1998. Fresh Fruit is one of the original shows on KFAI that first aired in 1978 and is part of the fantastic diverse programming on KFAI. For all these years KFAI has given the LGBTQIA community a platform to talk about and share issues that are not spoken about on other radio stations or in the mainstream media. Some of our listeners must listen secretly for fear of their lives or they may be kicked out of their homes if discovered they are LGBTQ. KFAI is a safe place they have to connect with LGBTQ issues and music. It is vitally important to continue these important connections and expand them via the internet with new technology by enhancing and upgrading the KFAI website.

2014-03-17 15:06:38 UTC
Talley Singer

Some of my favorite radio shows are on KFAI and now that I'm not living in the USA anymore, the website is the only way I have access to them. I would love to see a cleaner, more user-friendly version of the website, and I know that when I share KFAI with my friends here they're going to want to donate so online donation functionality will be a must! Not to mention, being able to access the site from my phone while I'm traveling will mean I won't have to miss Radio Pocho ever again!

KFAI has done and will continue to do great things for their local community. An upgrade to their website will not only expand their reach within that community, but it will expand their global reach! Just think what they can do then!

2014-03-17 15:07:38 UTC
Peg Thomas

Community Radio is such an important connection and often the supporting web-presence is weak at best. Let's step it up with this challenge to create a website that integrates ideas, connections, and supports various communities around Minnesota in their own languages. Can we have pages interpreted? Let's get donation buttons in place so that people can easily provide a few dollars every now and again without having to go through an impossible check in system. Correlate back stories to the articles and get a more robust news listserv that uses Twitter, and other vehicles to connect, connect, connect.

2014-03-17 16:34:18 UTC
harold tremblay

I have been volunteering at KFAI for 15 years. There is NO other radio station in the Twin Cities (possibly the country)that provides such diverse programming. Not only great music that doesn't get airtime on commercial radio but loca/national public affairs and foreign language
shows. This station directly offers a voice to the community.

2014-03-17 16:55:40 UTC

Moving forward into the 21st century, it is vital to have an internet presence, especially for something so precious as community radio.

2014-03-17 16:55:43 UTC
Stuart Rosen

Fresh Air Radio needs a fresh website. The on-air programming KFAI provides is tremendously valuable to Twin Cities listeners, but as more and more people use the Internet for information, arts and entertainment, an enhanced KFAI website would go a long way towards furthering KFAI’s mission. It would allow the station to expand its audience and strengthen that audience’s relationship with and support of KFAI.

2014-03-17 17:03:50 UTC
Jeremy Nichols

I have volunteered at Fresh Air radio for over 40 years - since before we turned on the FM transmitter. AM radio was king. Vinyl was ubiquitous. Reel to reel tape was commonplace, and compact cassettes were the new thing. We have seen the transition to CD, recordable CD, digital tape, and digital computer files.

Now, we are seeing the dispersal of audio audiences to the internet, with streaming radio, and on-demand programming.

KFAI needs a web site that supports simple access to its 90 weekly programs and hundreds of hours of on-demand programs. It needs a web site that supports listener interaction and engagement with the station, its program hosts, and other listeners.

KFAI airs unique musical, public affairs, and cultural programming, in more than a dozen languages - presented by volunteers from the community. This is a resource that needs a strong web presence to engage the communities in its home cities, and also the communities world wide that value programming that speaks to them.

2014-03-17 17:18:22 UTC
Mike Stapp

I have been a listener-member and volunteer for over ten years. The music on KFAI is an incredibly diverse mix of all genres, and typically music that is heard on no other radio station in the Twin Cities. The news and public affairs programs focus on communities that are frequently overlooked or ignored by commercial media outlets. KFAI, on a daily basis, demonstrates through its programming all the good and creative things that radio has to offer.

The station's web site is a key to attracting, informing and connecting with listeners and potential audiences. The better the web site works, the greater the audience. Looking forward to a cleaner and easier to navigate on-line presence.

2014-03-17 17:20:59 UTC
Patricia Nelson

"Reach wider still" is a motto in Scouting. Reach wider still has always been the hallmark of KFAI since its inception. I have been a volunteer at the station since the '90s, and have experienced the station stick to its mission while it continues to evolve. Revamping our website would enhance and be of paramount importance to keep reaching wider still in the 21st century.

2014-03-17 17:27:23 UTC
Marne Zafar

This station is one-of-a-kind and thank goodness for that! Truly listener-supported and directed, this station keeps me connected to communities of all kinds, allowing me to learn and engage in global issues and enjoy music of all nations. My dial is set - in my car, on my home radio, on my laptop - to KFAI as this station is a window on the world I live in. A Native New Yorker, I am a sustaining member and am planning to remain so. This station is vital and necessary, and is a lifeblood to all who listen.

2014-03-17 17:35:00 UTC
Jacquie Thomas

It is great that KFAI Director, staff and volunteers are looking at upgrading. Upgrading is always great; but the challenges that come with upgrades; also known as changes, can be hard for some. Especially is they have a strong vested interest in the old or have done work in the old and have the fear of losing what is NOW.

Everything around us changes every moment, day, every week, every month and every year. There are some things that we become accustom to changing. When the wind blows, we like it but do we stop to think what just changed from the wind blowing; branches fall off of trees all of the time, but do we stop to think how that changed the look of that tree. In Minnesota we have four seasons; supposedly. There is change that takes place every 3-4 months.

I wish you all the best and if it is not all in place at the beginning and there is tweaking that is needed; that is okay. It will just give that busy person or people at KFAI something to do.

However, with all of that said, please try not to remove those important updates that have just taken a volunteer months to put in and all of the the recorded programs that volunteers have put their heart and souls in to doing. So, of us still wan to go back in and hear them

Thank you all for hearing my spill.


2014-03-17 17:54:07 UTC
Jerry Stearns

I've been a volunteer at the station for 35 of its 36 years. There are volunteers who are cleaning up and painting the station's public rooms right now. My mother donated the coffee tables in the Green Room. That's the reason that KFAI is one of the most successful community stations in the country. People are dedicated to it. There's heart and soul and passion and sweat in every corner of this place, all from people who love it and think it is important. Those volunteers also think the listeners are important, so they put all that same energy into the programs that are on the air. That's how the word "community" is defined.

A more attractive and useable web presence will help to keep all those communities that KFAI serves tied into the ideals of people dealing honestly with people, and not with BIG anything. It was Pete Seeger who said, "I think the world is going to be saved by millions of small things." KFAI's new website could be one of those small miracles.

2014-03-17 17:58:00 UTC
Lloyd Wittstock

I listen to KFAI to be surprised. The selection of music, in particular is such that I would never have heard anything like it without the kind intervention of the volunteers at the station.

The news and public affairs programming is an added bonus, and a welcome change from the larger public radio station news and magazine formats. Keep it up, KFAI.

2014-03-17 19:16:28 UTC
william batson

I have listened to kfai for 30 years. They are my research staff for all things musical. As I get more into the digital age,I would love to get kfai some help.These folks do more for the community than anyone I know. Please help them help me.Thanks,bb.

2014-03-17 19:17:00 UTC
Rosy Simas

First Person Radio is such an important news program to bring awareness of Native programs, artists, politics and education in Indian country. This program is not only important for the Native community but for sharing our news with the larger Twin Cities community.

2014-03-17 19:53:27 UTC
Cyn Collins

I've been a KFAI Spin with Cyn program host for over 3 years and KFAI volunteer for 7 years. We've been bringing music - well-loved as well as underground and cutting edge - to the delight of listeners for over 3 decades. We feature brilliant passionate programmers and small staff, hundreds of dedicated volunteers because we are connected to the communities and KFAI provides the platform to share our passion and knowledge of the music scene with listeners like us. Over the years, I've heard innumerable comments from listeners that they hear music that they just can't hear anywhere else locally. We are on a par with the best community radio stations in the nation. However, we could use a better website to bring us up to speed in these times when many people connect with the radio station as much online as on the air. Online we can connect with, and socialize in broader ways with our listeners. To provide a better platform for our listeners to connect directly with us, and lear more about our over 80 shows, and to draw listeners from their favorite shows on the radio, to more shows they will enjoy . . . via a new and better website, will deepen the listener experiences and community connectivity.

2014-03-17 20:18:21 UTC
Larry Rogacki

KFAI is a one-of-a-kind radio station. As a resident of the Twin Cities, the diversity of programming allows me a much greater understanding of the wide range of issues and opinions present throughout the metropolitan community. The KFAI website allows this diversity and openness to be presented to the world and serve as a model for what other communities could do. In addition to all that, I especially love the quirky news broadcasts which presents current affairs in a different perspective than you could ever get via the commercial news sources.

2014-03-17 20:19:02 UTC
Annie Enneking

I love the variety that KFAI provides, and the many communities it can speak for and directly to. I've had access, through KFAI's programming, to political and social issues that other stations might not pay much attention to. I think the arts coverage on KFAI is awesome. It's a station that really supports local art and artists, and, on a very personal note, it's the only station that has given my band's disc radio play (Patti Walsh when she hosted for "Voice Cried Softly," and Jonathan Kennedy from "The Minnesota Sound"). I appreciate that very much, and, that notwithstanding, KFAI really lives up to its core values of community support and coverage.

2014-03-17 20:20:36 UTC
Sherry Minnick

I've been involved since the beginning, and I feel KFAI is one of the most valuable resources in the Twin Cities. The news programs, the voices of all the communities (in their languages), the variety of music; these offerings are unequaled elsewhere on the airwaves. Since the station doesn't pitch to the audience with money, we have always struggled financially.

Considering that the medium has the potential to carry lots of useful and helpful information to several minor communities, not to mention food for the soul in the music and spoken word, I feel it is especially critical to stay on top of the technology. I worked there when we had 2 turntables, (one was often down), and bats were flying through the studio in the tower of Walker Church. We've come a long way, technically speaking, and I sincerely hope we can keep going with an update.

2014-03-17 20:26:00 UTC
dee henry williams

Of course KFAI is wanting and deserving of a website makeover; we're diverse in so many categories i.e. culture, music, age just to name a few. We have some of the longest running culturally specific programs in the country and we're proud of each and every one of them.
A Great Blend of Watercolors has been on the airwaves for over 25 years and we're still on the edge of creating the best programming through mentorship of Black youth, specifically girls, who are seldom heard on the airwaves.
KFAI has survived because we're willing to be experiential; we've made a number of physical moves because we needed to and we've provided the community with the great radio, a diverse community of volunteers and staff.
So, let's get this website project going and continue to be the best public, community radio entity around the world.

2014-03-17 20:47:33 UTC
Mahi Palanisami

Community radio allows for members of society to learn the tools of self-empowerment and communication in a digital-media frenzied world. KFAI did this for me, and continues to do so for others.

2014-03-17 21:45:11 UTC
Chris Dronen

KFAI is the little radio station heard 'round the world. A better designed web-site could make our unique content available to more and more listeners. This is a chance to take it to the next level.

2014-03-17 21:52:33 UTC

The Nerdery are just the folks KFAI needs; you're our one and only hope. KFAI must create a FRESH website that will act like an Enigma machine for untapped listeners. You see, I always likened KFAI to a brilliant code. It takes people (like me) years to figure out what on earth is going on with this station. With so many languages, so many topics, so many styles of music, such diversity - it's hard to make any sense of it at all. However, once someone is able to get a handle on HOW to tune-in, how to listen - a whole new and exciting world is opened up to them as it opened up for me. With a contemporary and clear website, the Twin Cities community will be able to decrypt KFAI all that much faster and easier -- discovering what a truly unique experience this public media outlet really is.

2014-03-17 22:09:34 UTC
Richard Cohn

This is the greatest station ever!

2014-03-17 22:20:00 UTC
Andy Driscoll, Producer

If this website re-do were entirely based on simple desire, the argument might be more difficult to make that KFAI-Fresh Air Radio, Minneapolis/St. Paul, deserves to win this website design, etc. The fact is this: As the only radio outlet among the 30-odd stations - commercial and public – serving The Cities, KFAI stands alone as a truly community-based station with its nearly 35-year history of surviving and thriving in a competitive place, but with the ever-present need to expand its reach into distribution channels and listener devices it has been unable by budget and other issues to effect.

KFAI’s mission and potential for serving the unserved and underserved communities of this market would be immeasurably advanced by a superior and well-functioning website and all that can bring with it. I urge the judges to see in KFAI the showcase The Nerdery would receive were it to grant KFAI its new website.


Andy Driscoll, Producer
TruthToTell - a Public Affairs weekly program covering local, state and regional issues confronting and affecting The Twin Cities underserved populations.
Mondays at 9AM on KFAI

2014-03-17 22:26:50 UTC
Dave Zerr

A diverse, ever evolving media source like KFAI needs a website to match its personality. Progressing from a small, community radio station to a global, multimedia outlet providing news, information and music programming for many cultures and genres, KFAI is a treasure still unexplored by many. With the expertise of the Nerdery, this will change and all will be able discover what KFAI’s current audience already experience.

2014-03-17 22:44:53 UTC
MB Freeman

I miss the Twin Cities and KFAI so darn much. Having KFAI come through my computer fills my life in Iowa with joy. I hear familiar voices and hear spots for familiar venues. I am able to keep apprised of local happenings both at the station and in the communities via the website. I love that I can (pretty often) get playlists. We have been supporters of KFAI since 1990, and truly, I would be quite sad and blue without it.

2014-03-17 23:23:58 UTC
Mark Turbak

KFAI has added tremendously to my life and world view. The many great volunteer programmers have exposed me to programs I know I would never have any access to on any other radio format. Even better, it comes straight from our community. I can't imagine my life without KFAI in it.

2014-03-18 01:52:06 UTC
Robert W. Morgan , Producer World Exposure with Cher Dial, a CherBert production

I am a long-time listener and volunteer of KFAI!
I am impressed at KFAI's diligence in meeting it's mission statement on a daily basis! Where else can the unheard voices of our community be heard participate, and elevate themselves, except with KFAI! I am impressed with the daily programming the community participation the continued efforts to be community force, in media in Minnesota!
I have watched and participated in the growth and direction of KFAI, and that's why it's number one in my heart in community radio stations and I've seen several of them across the country !
Minneapolis and St. Paul are blessed to have a well-run station that is, diverse in participation and programming located right here in our community! Thank you KFAI, staff and volunteers, continued success in your new direction, with new leader, Willie Dean, and thank you for Allowing me to be apart of its history!

2014-03-18 02:08:16 UTC
Michael K

First Person Radio
I always learn something new on this show from Laura. A fount of interesting facts revealed weekly!

2014-03-18 02:12:34 UTC
Tommy Tschantz

I have been an active volunteer for KFAI since I realized how important it was to have a fresh view to the news, music, politics that just was not present in the local media. As only one of more than 300 volunteers that produces content, change the towels in the restrooms, and anything in between, it would be nice to have our site up to the task of keeping all these “cats” in the heard. (not a spelling mistake)
This resource not only paramount to the voice of this community, but it stretches over oceans and continents with its multi-cultural programming.

2014-03-18 03:18:19 UTC
Michele Whetstone

Many of KFAI's current listeners are a part of under-served populations on the airwaves in Minnesota. KFAI's Hmong and Somali outreach is an essential part of these growing Twin Cities minority communities.
KFAI both serves the public and IS the public. Plus, with the opportunity of becoming a volunteer - this station truly gives the listener a voice. It's genuine and passionate -- and with your help, with a better website -- KFAI can make the bridge between our communities even stronger.

2014-03-18 04:07:48 UTC
Groove Garden

KFAI is what radio was meant to be.

2014-03-18 05:37:09 UTC

As a KFAI listener and volunteer, I can't overstate how much I value KFAI. It's a wonderful resource for building community, and it serves a far more diverse audience then any commercial station.

KFAI's news programing also gives people who are looking to get into radio reporting (like me) a great outlet for our work. It's an incredible place for learning about radio making.

2014-03-18 18:06:58 UTC
Kathleen E. Ruona

As a person who is legally blind it would be wonderful to have KFAI improve the site to make it more accessible to people with disabilities, especially people with visual disabilities.

2014-03-18 20:15:37 UTC
Ivy Thomas

I want thank KFAI Fresh Air family for welcoming me into the family with open arms when Dee Henry Williams offered to mentor me on her program, A Great Blend of Water Colors, 3 almost 4 years ago. I was only 11 and I have grown so much thanks to Ms. Dee and what KFAI Director, staff and volunteers have taught.

I thank you for time, attention and most of all patience.


2014-03-19 01:02:31 UTC
Siobhan Kierans

KFAI plays a vital role in our community. With a diverse sound including 13+ languages, KFAI serves the locality in a way that no other station or non-profit could. My fellow volunteers have an insatiable curiosity and eagerness to present content of value. While every other station is playing sound bites and recycling their stories, KFAI constantly produces fresh, intelligent conversations and information. By improving its website KFAI would be able to continue to share its information with the online audience and continue to serve the community long-after the hard work of the broadcast is done. While many non-profits are worthy of this, KFAI can in turn help many non-profits.

Thank you...Siobhan Kierans, Community Journalist/KFAI Volunteer

2014-03-23 01:30:17 UTC
Yvette Howie

KFAI has afforded me the opportunity to pursue my broadcast media goals and be of service to the community. I am thankful that this station exists and I believe in it's mission.

Our Mission

KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice.