The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2014, April 12-13

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)

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MPIRG is a student-directed nonprofit that engages college students and community members to be active citizens by teaching them the necessary skills to get involved in the democratic process. All of MPIRG's issues are chosen by our student and community members at our annual Issues and Actions Conference. MPIRG staff then work with the students to form campaigns around these issues to make change on their campuses, in their cities, and across the State of Minnesota.

What new functionality we are looking for

We want a website that will be a resource for our students and community members to connect and engage with our organization. With a new website, we can strengthen our ability to organize around our current issues. In order to accomplish these goals, we have 4 main points of emphasis that we would like wrapped in an eye-pleasing package.

*Content management*

- A new website that allows us to speak as an singular organization through blog posts, news stories, press releases and social media integration.

- We need a content management system with a low learning curve.

- Our members need to easily navigate our content so we can keep them up to date on the latest developments.

*Increased connection with our issues and avenues for action.*

- A new website will need to show how community members and students can take action and stand with us on current issues. This may include integration with facebook events, online donation, petitions, form letters, social media sharing, etc.

- Online donations should include the option for crediting specific organizers.

*A better way of displaying information on the front-page. We need to maintain a strong top-line message while also showing the flurry of activity.*

- The site will have to somehow reconcile top-line messages being emphasized while also showing the feeds of activity from the campuses.

- Users need to be able to see both the latest major developments and the rallies, calls to action and events that are the incremental steps toward victories.

*Better way of displaying our past victories to highlight what we have stood for over the past 4+ decades.*

- Our current members and potential members need to see the incredible victories we’ve had in the past.

- A new website needs to show how support from the community leads to positive change.

How the new functionality will help

Founded in 1971, we at MPIRG are proud of our grassroots heritage. We've influenced incredible change through the power of community organization. But we know that the definition of grassroots is changing as well. In the last few years, some of the most important issues in our state’s history have been greatly influenced by online organization. MPIRG has been around since 1971, but that doesn’t mean we need to rely solely on the same tactics we used 40 years ago. Nor can we continue to afford to. As a student-directed nonprofit, we are propelled by youthful energy and we need a portal for the state to be inspired by young activists.

With a new website, MPIRG could more effectively organize and empower the community behind the issues we work on. We could more easily spread important news, rally public support and mobilize donors. Simply put, we could do more and do it more efficiently. Even though we know having face-to-face conversations will always be the best way to inspire individuals, we also need the ability to speak with one voice.

For most people in the community, they hear from MPIRG once a year at their door or by phone. Although a few minutes a year may not seem like much, we have a huge opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with community donors, but only if they know their donation is worthwhile. People need to see a return on their investment and in 2014, most people stay connected online. But when they see our website, they see a relic of several years ago that doesn’t demonstrate our effectiveness. Without seeing how their support has helped fuel our many victories, they won’t see the value in continuing to support us. The next time we’re at their door, they may choose not to get involved at all. Support from the community has allowed us to achieve so much, there is absolutely no reason we should be this quiet about it.

When someone asks, “Do you have a website?” we shouldn’t have to be embarrassed for them to see it. It should be a way for people to connect and join us in our mission. It should be a way to proudly show them what we’ve accomplished and what we can continue to do together. Getting the community behind us has been our strength since 1971, an improved web presence is the tool we need to continue that tradition.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

65 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-14 02:56:21 UTC

MPIRG makes a difference in our community, on our campuses, and has enriched my life. The skills that I learned as a volunteer, organizer, and staff person are incredibly valuable and I would love to see their new website keep up with today's needs.

2014-03-10 20:32:30 UTC
Matthew Cermak

Since 1971, MPIRG has generated enormous positive change in the state of Minnesota by giving students and community members a greater voice in state policy. But community organizing has changed since 1971. To continue the tradition of empowering students and the community, MPIRG must also organize online. Make it happen, Overnight Website Challenge!

2014-03-10 21:12:52 UTC

MPIRG is a great organization that has worked to effect a huge amount of positive change in our state. With a new website to keep us connected to our communities we can do an even better job organizing and teaching to make our state an even better place!!

2014-03-10 21:33:18 UTC
Joey Daniewicz

MPIRG is a nonpartison nonprofit group that works for the student interest, an incredibly difficult voice to have heard while these students are working to afford tuition while also doing coursework. Since 1971, MPIRG has done this. Today, a proper online presence is essential to reaching, hearing, and representing student voice.

2014-03-10 22:34:09 UTC
Elora L.

MPIRG is a vital part of our campuses, our communities, and our legislature, and having a broader reach online would be hugely helpful to garner more support! MPIRG's work spans far back into the 1970s, and the work we are doing still reflects the same values: social, economic, and environmental justice for every Minnesotan. Help us keep it going!

2014-03-10 22:46:47 UTC

MPIRG is a fantastic organization and their website could really portray their great work better!

2014-03-10 22:57:29 UTC
Sophie Fiore

MPIRG provides wonderful opportunities for students and young people to voice their opinions and work to make social, environmental, and economic justice changes in schools and the community. With a new website, we would be able to spread our work to larger groups of people, stay connected, and allow for a larger support base. Please help us out!

2014-03-10 23:30:12 UTC
Michelle Thimios

As a student who got involved in MPIRG three years ago, I can say definitively that the website was not part of the reason I joined. In fact, if it hadn't been for the students I ran in to constantly on campus, organizing around issues they care about (specifically getting students out to vote in the 2010 elections) I may have never joined. Fortunately I did; but unfortunately, in the age of internet activism, an outdated, hard to read, non interactive website could be a missed opportunity for MPIRG to get students involved in the campaigns. A website with videos of testimonies at the capitol, pictures of students speaking with students on campus, and easy ways for community members and students alike to get involved would do wonders for this org and the movements its building. We can do the social media scene, but we really need a "nerd" to help salvage our website! #MPIRG

2014-03-11 00:04:21 UTC

I am a new member of MPIRG and I just joined this semester. I knew I was interested in joining from what I had heard about the group from last semester, but I couldn't find information on when the meetings would be held, so I googled them. The official MPIRG website that I looked at was absolutely useless. Each school's branch says nothing about meeting times, or any details about projects they are working on, and the photos of the students were very old.

MPIRG could be even more amazing with the new website. Having a strong website that provide a better access to information and a means of cross campus communication would make MPIRG so much stronger. It could help bring in students and convince them to work on the issues that are important to them, or just provide information on things like registering to vote and our latest projects. As well as give potential donors a better idea as to why we are a worth while nonprofit to help fund.

Also MPIRG Seems to approve highly of nerds, which is totally awesome. Since I fall into many fandoms, I think it would be cool to have fellow nerds helping an organization I love.


2014-03-11 01:42:28 UTC

As a student volunteer with MPIRG, I can truly say it enriches the life of the community and the lives of its members and supporters. I've long held the opinion, though, that MPIRG's communication modes need serious improvement. Our modes of outreach and accessibility shouldn't hinder our messages but should instead inspire others to involve themselves with the topics. I'm hoping the website could be the best place to start in what is a large redesign of our communications tools (website, flyers, education materials, etc.). Websites are expected to be available and of high quality for groups of all types and we're no exception. Let's give our web visitors what they came for!

Any help you could give MPIRG would be much appreciated!

2014-03-11 02:03:46 UTC

Since 1971, MPIRG has touched the lives of many Minnesotans through grassroots organizing. Having students and community members work on social, economic and environmental issues has proven to be extremely effective. A new, revamped website would help us communicate information to not only other students, but also community members who are interested in what MPIRG does!

2014-03-11 02:35:51 UTC

In college, MPIRG gave me all the skills I needed to become an organizer. They instilled in me not only a passion for the issues that I continue to work on today, but they equipped me to make the real, concrete change.

I canvassed with MPIRG for awhile when I was still in school, and would have supporters ask me things like "Can I keep up to date by your website?" or "there's probably more information on your website, right?"

It would be great if MPIRG was able to truly connect their community supporters to the resources they need to become successful organizers like MPIRG did for me.

2014-03-11 03:30:10 UTC

MPIRG does a staggering amount of amazing things. I joined this year and can't believe all of the things that we have accomplished and are working on now. This organization has a major effect on policies at multiple levels of government and acts as a voice for college students who want to influence the political process in the state of Minnesota. I have firsthand seen the great things that MPIRG has done on my campus, in the Twin Cities, and the state of Minnesota in general. And we could do so much more with a better website!

2014-03-11 13:16:12 UTC
Kate Mensing

I didn't even know that MPIRG had a website; I think I glanced over it once, but thought to myself "This can't be it. There must be something different." Nope. I was wrong, and I believe that it is hurting the greater outreach of MPIRG. Sure, students can mostly get connected on Facebook, but there are important groups of the community who will not find us simply through social media. We need something more accessible! We need you!


2014-03-11 14:36:15 UTC

As a student directed nonprofit MPIRG is a place of action where many college students get there first taste of advocacy and activism. MPIRG may by 43 years old but its heart and body are still young!

2014-03-11 15:33:39 UTC

When MPIRG supporters ask if they can check us out online we don't really like to tell them about our website. It's outdated and looks like it might exist in 2001. We need to be able to get our messages across clearly to all people that want to support this organization in a way that reflects the current year. MPIRG fights tooth and nail on the daily and if there was any organization that deserves something good thrown their way it's MPIRG.

2014-03-11 15:50:21 UTC
Mahyar Sorour

Having a completely revamped website for MPIRG would be an amazing addition to an already incredible staff of field and phone canvassers. Since 1971, this organization has worked on a ton of awesome campaigns, eliminating BPA from baby bottles, getting businesses and restaurants around the area to get onsite recycling, and just recently passing curbside composting in Minneapolis! In addition, MPIRG worked with the VOTENO campaign, giving thousands of Minnesotans a chance at an equal and fair life, giving them to choice to marry whoever they please, without being discriminated against based on who they want to love. MPIRG deserves a revamped website that displays our message across to all members that want a place online to read and learn more about the organization.

2014-03-11 16:42:08 UTC
Katie Jerome

MPIRG deserves a new website because on our campus we have the constant issue of people not knowing who we are. When students DO go to the website about the Hamline chapter the information is old and outdated anyway. It would be AWESOME for us since we are a small chapter to at least have correct information on our website about what we do, who we are and to be able to edit that information if need be. Also, it would be awesome to have a website that simply lays out how our organization works (because it can be confusing for new comers) and the campaigns that we have worked on in the past and are working on now. I'm excited for this project and I hope that it comes to fruition. #MPIRG

2014-03-11 18:44:54 UTC

MPIRG is a statewide student organization, and a new website can facilitate even greater communication between member schools, as well as help us reach a wider audience by allowing people to find relevant, accurate information about us on our website. Having a great looking and easy to use website where we can direct people when they want more information can help us increase our reach and effectiveness. We need a website that reflects the great work students and staff do offline every day.

2014-03-11 19:26:40 UTC

MPIRG is an incredible organization that engages some of the most important community members, and that is STUDENTS. They allow young adults the opportunity to garner a lifelong passion for CRUCIAL issues. A completely revamped website would be an amazing addition to MPIRG, allowing for the continued dissemination of their important message!

2014-03-11 19:42:00 UTC
S. Zieke

MPIRG is an amazing organization that does so much good in so many communities. They do a tremendous amount of work with a small budget and staff and deserve an awesome website.

2014-03-11 20:09:50 UTC
Will Hanson

MPIRG is an outstanding organization that offers students the rare opportunity to participate in major environmental, social, and economic justice movements. Additionally, the organization has (Romney sounding quote aside) binders full of victories. Most recently, we were able to apply pressure to the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County to implement a curbside compost pickup service. The organization works to make progressive change in Minnesota as well as training new students to also become the leaders that make that change; something very few other organizations can claim they do.

2014-03-11 20:38:16 UTC
Magda Bilska

MPIRG is an incredible organization that empowers young people to become involved in activism and public policy. The amount of amazing work that MPIRG does with its resources is truly incredible. It's an organization that is truly devoted to social justice, and the staff and students who work for MPIRG are committed and inspiring. A new website would attract more community members to get involved in the organization. The more people are members, the more work MPIRG can do. MPIRG needs a new website to ensure that people are aware of what initiatives MPIRG is working on and attract a larger membership base. The only way we win is through people power!

2014-03-11 21:06:25 UTC
Cora Ellenson-Myers

As an MPIRG student and field canvasser, I can speak directly to the amazing resource that MPIRG is to students and Minnesotans all over the state. We need a way for community members to easily understand what we are working on, for students and alumni to stay connected and for everyone to take action on our campaigns for social and environmental justice. A new, modern and easy to use and update website would do all those things for our nonprofit.

2014-03-11 21:18:30 UTC
Emma Winegar

MPIRG is an effective organization that is all about social change and awareness about important issues through non-partisan, grassroots, student-led, non-profit work. I have been involved in this group in the Augsburg College chapter for four years now. It has helped me grow as a person, and I have been part of major changes! MPIRG would benefit greatly from a new website design. It would help more people stay connected to what MPIRG is working on and help people become aware of who MPIRG is. MPIRG is so effective because of its people power, which would be increased by a new website design!

2014-03-11 22:28:23 UTC

As an MPIRG staff i have the privilege to witness the amazing work of these students on a daily basis. It is frustrating to watch these efforts hindered by something like a website. I cant even imagine the types of change MPIRG students would be able to make if they were better able to connect with their communities. Please help MPIRG.

2014-03-11 22:45:27 UTC
Matthew Schirber

MPIRG gave me a voice as a first year student at Augsburg College. The website is a very important aspect to bring new members in and can promote our organization and show that we are an active organization.

2014-03-12 01:04:48 UTC

MPIRG has played a huge part in my growth as a student, leader, and activist. Not only does this group work on pressing political, economic, environmental, and social issues of our time, but they do it in a way that helps students reach their full potential as young adults just beginning to find their way in the world. Having been a member, a task force leader, and a co-chair has had a staggering impact on my self-confidence and my ability to lead. It's definitely one of the most active and thriving groups on my campus. However, I know that there is SO much more we could accomplish with better outreach. Students lead busy lives and it's hard to get a chance to fully convey who and what we are as an organization to them in a 30 second "table talk." Getting a new and updated website would be incredibly helpful so that prospective members can go on in their own free time to explore more of what MPIRG is truly about. We need a new website that will catch more attention with updated information and exciting new interactive features.

2014-03-12 03:43:42 UTC

MPIRG is an incredibly powerful group of students working to make social change throughout campus, the city, and the state. They have made incredible changes throughout the state, and a new website will only help them spread their message, mission, and goals to more people. It could also help increase membership and get people on board with these incredible changes in the works. I have been a member of MPIRG for about a year now, and I am still astounded by the strength, intelligence, and determination of the people within the group. Please give MPIRG a new website and help them further change Minnesota for the better!

2014-03-12 14:58:06 UTC

MPIRG has been working to forward the student interest since 1971. I cannot say that I joined this org because of the website, and I doubt that many have. Unfortunately, in this day and age, an online presence is key for many day-to-day operating. A revamped site would be especially essential for fundraising purposes which is always necessary to keep making the change that we want to see happen. I hope that from these testimonials, you can see that many students have grown as leaders and have been given many opportunities through their involvement MPIRG. I also hope you can see how much we care about the future state of MPIRG and wish that the org continues to have the ability to be the resource to make the change that students wish to see.

2014-03-12 16:02:12 UTC
Elizabeth Busta

MPIRG has provided me with so many new opportunities, and I really appreciate that. We're a unique organization that has the capability of doing so many things on our campuses and throughout the state. MPIRG has helped me grow so much as a person since I've started college and this organization needs a website that reflects all the amazing things it has done for the state of Minnesota and also what it has done for all of it's members.

2014-03-13 13:38:42 UTC
Alexa McIndoe

As an MPIRG alumnus who currently works on websites, social media, and advertising, the MPIRG website is in dire need of a makeover. There is so much more potential when a website is user friendly, provides information they need, and can help promote change. MPIRG is an organization to spread awareness about environmental, economic, and social justice and to help achieve these goals we need a stronger platform, starting with the website. I use to write for the MPIRG blog and was one of the reasons that attracted me to my position working for a non-profit. Not only does MPIRG help students make a difference but it also helps influence their careers and if someone comes to the website they won't see the amazing potential this organization can give them. We need your help.

2014-03-13 17:32:26 UTC
steve y

When i first learned of MPIRG through word of mouth i was impressed. Theirs just not a lot out there in our cities doing the things Mpirg is doing right here in MN. I had to make many calls trying to find out how i could help make our state a better place to live work and raise our children. When checking out thier web site it was pretty bad did not help alot . A new updated web sight could be a huge step for accelerating
communications with all of us who want to refer and explain to people how they to can help out. This new website is a no brainer to improve its pretty bad as is.

2014-03-13 19:04:01 UTC
Tobias Donlon

For the past 43 years, MPIRG has shown time and time again the kinds of goals that can be met and the wonderful things that can be done when the people's voices are heard. MPIRG listens to the needs and demands of the common folk, and works to amplify their voices and continuously fight until their needs are meet.

In addition, our organization has trained (and continues to train) many of Minnesota's and our nation's leaders, giving practical leadership skills and experience even before the received an undergraduate degree.

Unfortunately, our website is woefully out of date. It is inaccessible and aesthetically dull. We need a website that accentuates the dynamic nature of our nonprofit.

Save our website, Nerdery!

2014-03-13 20:38:20 UTC

As a former student member of MPIRG and current MPIRG staff, it's almost impossible for me to describe all that MPIRG has done for me - my experience with MPIRG has given me confidence, organizing skills, tons of knowledge and experience in the political and organizing world, passion and direction, and a ton of amazing friends. But as a long-time MPIRGer, I can also speak to just how bad our website is. It's outdated, hard to navigate, and hard to manage from the staff perspective. It's so hard to deal with that it's become the Fight Club of our office: we don't talk about the website. Having a new website that is accessible both to users and to staff would make a huge difference in how we advertise, fundraise, and reach out to students and the community. Help us, Nerdery!

2014-03-13 21:07:42 UTC
Sarah Casper

Nerds, we need ya...

As MPIRG's Lead Organizer, I know first hand how much this organization does with few resources. In a word, we're scrappy. We work with what we have and strive to never let it limit our potential. But there are inevitably times when we are forced to prioritize. Providing quality programming and training on campuses, upholding a strong presence at the State Capitol and continued grassroots organizing efforts in the public's interest must always come first.

Bottom line: our website is in dire need of a revamp. Young people are the heart and soul of MPIRG and a functional website is essential to engaging these future leaders in this hugely important work. Please help us enrich what we do with a spiffy new website!

2014-03-14 02:24:22 UTC

I am continually amazed by the vision, idealism and dedication of the hardworking young progressives at MPIRG, whose impact -- on so many fronts -- extends way beyond the University of Minnesota campus. Just think how much MORE powerful their work could be with a website that was actually worthy of them!

2014-03-14 00:12:17 UTC

These folks always show up and always know what issue to support. I love that someone has our back in making Minnesota a better place to live. Thank you to all the volunteers who have been at my door - often in below zero weather.

2014-03-14 01:15:01 UTC
Kathleen Ganley

As an instructor at the University of Minnesota, it is so inspiring to see college students, and others, working so hard to create positive, much needed change in this world. I would love to have a class filled with students who work with MPIRG!

2014-03-14 02:00:08 UTC
Barbara Jeanetta

MPIRG tackles important issues by organizing disparate people with like interests.

2014-03-14 06:31:00 UTC


2014-03-14 06:34:20 UTC
John Wike

I have been a big fan of MPIRG for many years! MPIRG has a reputation for being a very strong, well-run organization that gets big things done. A new website will benefit many Minnesotans for a long time.

2014-03-14 13:12:13 UTC
Taryn Tessneer

I was involved in MPIRG on the U of M Duluth Campus (2004-2007) and served for a short time on the Board of Directors. Working with this organization as a student fully committed me to issues of social, economic and environmental justice. It has shaped my life and work ever since. My friends from MPIRG and the the many generations before and since are now some of the leading change-makers across the state and country. My hope is that MPIRG continues to broaden its reach, so that more students have the opportunity to experience the power of issue-based community organizing to shape the future.

2014-03-14 16:33:34 UTC
Molly Donovan

I've been involved with MPIRG for four years now, and the website has rarely been helpful. Our group does so many amazing things, but our resources are so tight that the website falls to the back burner. In this day and age, we need up to date internet space so our viability as an organization flourishes. The vision we have created for this new website will captivate new audiences and reenergize returning MPIRG members. Our staff and student interns already do so much hard work, setting up this beautiful new site would be so incredibly helpful to us.

2014-03-15 01:31:43 UTC
BreAnna Bemboom

MPIRG is an amazing organization, filled with amazing people who do amazing things. They are possibly the only organization I can think of who successfully mobilizes students to create change. And I gotta tell ya, these students create more (and better!) change than majority of the adults in the world.

2014-03-15 02:04:09 UTC
Molly Johnson

I am a field canvasser for MPIRG, and while we are knocking on doors in communities across Minnesota I am constantly asked about our website. There are people who need to do further research about MPIRG to help ensure them that their money is going towards an effective non-profit. We deserve a new and updated website that shows our success and momentum to all MPIRG members, and all of the community members and we are working with every day. We are an amazing student directed organization working for the greater good for all Minnesotans, and we need a website that reflects that!

2014-03-16 04:58:38 UTC
Unny Nambudiripad

MPIRG is a an effective organization and does a great job at grassroots organizing!

2014-03-16 16:12:28 UTC
Christine DeMars

MPIRG works on behalf of us ALL - not for vested interests that have economic or personal agendas to benefit a few. I know there are many worthy causes competing in this Nerdery challenge... Pro bono help to develop fresher, more comprehensive & robust communication tools for MPIRG would make a true impact across multiple communities!

2014-03-16 18:06:01 UTC
Kristian Nyberg

I currently serve as the treasurer for MPIRG's board of directors and I have been a board member for the past three years. The experiences I have had with this organization has transformed me both as a student and as a young leader. MPIRG allows college students to become empowered and effect change within their communities. No other organization exists in Minnesota that has a greater impact on college students then MPIRG. Unfortunately our website does not reflect the amazing work that we do. By redoing the website we could greatly expand MPIRG's ability to fundraise and effect change throughout the state.

2014-03-16 18:06:01 UTC
Kristian Nyberg

I currently serve as the treasurer for MPIRG's board of directors and I have been a board member for the past three years. The experiences I have had with this organization has transformed me both as a student and as a young leader. MPIRG allows college students to become empowered and effect change within their communities. No other organization exists in Minnesota that has a greater impact on college students then MPIRG. Unfortunately our website does not reflect the amazing work that we do. By redoing the website we could greatly expand MPIRG's ability to fundraise and effect change throughout the state.

2014-03-16 21:27:16 UTC
Steve Boland

MPIRG rocks for all kinds of reasons. I was a member in college (in the 80s!) and have continued to support this important work. Please help 'em out!

2014-03-16 21:42:05 UTC

As a staff member of MPIRG for the past two years I have seen the organization effect an incredible amount of change, both in Minnesota and in the people who come into contact with the org, all with limited resources and a shoe-string budget. Seeing how much we already accomplish with what we have, it's hard not to wonder how effective we could be with better resources. Having a well designed website would be an incredible step forward in enhancing MPIRG's accessibility and outreach ability.

2014-03-16 22:46:23 UTC
Andy Timm

I can easily say MPIRG is one of the most valuable things I've done in college. We're highly effective at mobilizing students for political change, and we teach our members valuable skills needed to make that change happen. The skills I gained at MPIRG will help me pursue a career in political organizing, and I'm immensely grateful to the organization.

That said, our website is outdated, ugly, and not particularly useful. Trying to appeal to students with such an outdated website is challenging; we need something that doesn't look like it was created in Dreamweaver several years ago.

2014-03-17 00:03:22 UTC
Erik Hatlestad

MPIRG has been a strong advocate for positive social and political change since the 1970's. For decades it has given students a unified voice at the the state capitol and on campuses across Minnesota. An updated website would help us an organization better serve our students and general public by improving our capacity to fundraise as well as perform outreach.

2014-03-17 01:55:24 UTC
Agnes Kabambi

MPIRG is an amazing organization whose work can reach an even greater audience, with the proper "e-presence". A new website would not only greatly benefit the wonderful work already being done by MPIRG, but would also enable MPIRG to extend its reaches-- making the organization's social justice oriented initiatives more accessible to all.

2014-03-17 13:26:55 UTC
Ellie Krueger

We NEED a new website! We would like to be a better resource for students (and beyond!!) to use and this means providing access to information that is not in person! We are great on the ground, out working to provide info for people on a variety of topics. When they look to our website, however, they see old news and a general lack of engagement which is the opposite of anything and everything MPIRG is about!

2014-03-17 14:04:18 UTC

There are some things that never change. The dogged effort put forth for social change by the students, directors, field canvass and phone canvass of MPIRG is something that has remained constant since MPIRG's conception. These all around do gooders deserve to have their message sent to a broader range of Minnesotans, and a revamped website would do wonders to enhance the organization.

2014-03-17 16:47:26 UTC
Dan Peck

MPIRG's work should be as public as possible—Minnesotans deserve to know there is an organization working on the environmental and social justice issues we work on. A new website would attract attention to MPIRG campaigns and allow the organization to be even more effective at giving students a political voice.

2014-03-17 17:45:16 UTC

In the past four years that I've been a part of MPIRG I have talked to thousands of Minnesotans who are simply too busy to make their voice heard at the Capitol, MPIRG provides an effective outlet for their voices to make an impact on legislation that has a direct effect on their community. The brilliant students that I've met gravitate to this organization for similar reasons- it is a unique and powerful outlet for grassroots activism. We need a website that is up to date and that adequately conveys the positive impact this organization has had on MInnesota.

2014-03-17 18:49:29 UTC
Leah Enter

I was speaking to a university class about MPIRG and the issues we were working on, specifically voter registration for upcoming local elections, when the professor suggested she pull up the organization's website for her students to see. I was horrified when she displayed our webpage to the class. If I were one of those students, I would have guessed that MPIRG collapsed in the early 2000's. We need a website that proudly demonstrates the amazing work MPIRG has done for the past 40 years. Please help us!

2014-03-18 04:10:47 UTC
Cathy Saunders

MPIRG was one of the most influential experiences of my professional life. I still draw on the skills I learned 25 years ago in my work now advocating for children, supporting young adults to be leaders and as a citizen. I am only one of hundreds of students who came through the ranks and now are leaders in their communities. This is not even mentioning MPIRGs tremendous work on behalf of citizens & the environment.

2014-03-17 22:32:09 UTC
Rich Cermak

I'm proud that my son, Matt Cermak, has been an active member of MPIRG for the past several years. This organization shares important issues with the public and works for positive change. MPIRG needs a modern internet presence that reflects the valuable service they provide.

2014-03-18 00:14:59 UTC
Adam Lutterman

Few organizations can boast the victories MPIRG can, from energy policy to social justice. MPIRG does it all on a shoestring budget while engaging and training students to be active in the political process. MPIRG's internet presence has suffered due to its ongoing priority to 'on the ground' activism rather than web proliferation. It is time for MPIRG to join the internet community with a website that can compete in the global market where millions of non profits have far more resources. With your support, MPIRG could take a giant leap forward, engaging tens of thousands more students and community members.

2014-03-18 01:36:44 UTC
Kordula Coleman

MPIRG is a highly devoted and idealistic organization that greatly helps our family support environmental and social justice causes. They absolutely deserve a website that draws the attention of more potential supporters to their wonderful and important work.

2014-03-18 02:22:06 UTC

MPIRG does important outreach in our community. Unfortunately, their current website is so outdated that it is a detriment to their efforts, making them appear out of touch and less reputable.

A new website would help MPIRG to more effectively communicate their mission, engage more members of the community, and inspire more donations.

Our Mission

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) is a grassroots, nonpartisan, nonprofit, student-directed organization that empowers and trains students and engages the community to take collective action in the public interest throughout the state of Minnesota.