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Twin Cities 2014, April 12-13

Minnesota Boxer Rescue

Paired with Team Doge

MN Boxer Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue agency. When a dog comes into our rescue program they are examined by our vet, brought up to date on vaccines, heart worm tested, (placed on heart worm preventive medication) and fecal tested. All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.The main goal of our organization is an all volunteer effort to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home unwanted and abandoned Boxer dogs in our home state of Minnesota and expanding to surrounding states as resources allow.

Please see our Video below for more information.

What new functionality we are looking for

First and foremost we would like a new website to showcase our adoptable animals in a visually pleasing and simple format. Our Boxers are down right adorable and we feel the website they are showcased on to find their forever home should follow suit!

Ability to sync our adoptable animal listings with other rescue sites- i.e. Petfinder

Easy to access donation function- we currently utilize a PayPal link to donate.

User-friendly online store to sell our MNBR logo merchandise.

Our website also needs to house and allow us to process our applications for adoption, animal surrendering, foster homes, & volunteers. Any exchanging of information we can do online the better! We have multiple volunteers that process our applications so we would like to maintain our volunteers, members, & applicants having individual logins to the site and having the capability to keep a database of contact information for our community current.

-When processing applications we currently follow up with applicant references and vet references by sending a word document with questions for references to fill out. Then we receive the word docs back via email and have to copy and paste the responses into the website. We would LOVE to have the capacity to send out a reference survey for each applicant to personal and veterinarian references electronically- directly through the website. With the references responses being directly inputted into the MNBR website and attached to the applicant. This would decrease the need to go back and forth to personal rescue emails and input data into the website. Processing applications more efficiently means we will likely keep potential adopters who chose to go elsewhere due to our 1-2 week application processing time!

We also dream of having a user-friendly "member area" that would allow us to interact as a community. We currently utilize a yahoo group to do this and it is confusing for many to navigate. Due to the not so user friendly format, we mostly use it as a way to email our membership announcements. It would be amazing to see a format that would allow our users to interact in a more personalized way for support as foster homes, adopters, or volunteers.

A new website would also allow us to maintain our database of adopted animals and to showcase our success stories!

Finally- we would like our website to have user friendly resources to education for our community on the boxer breed, training, and our organization in general!

How the new functionality will help

We believe a new website will help us fulfill our mission in a multitude of ways.

- Showcasing our adoptable animals in a simple, visually pleasing, eye catching format will increase our web traffic and allow us to find homes for even more boxers in Minnesota.

- Currently our website has so much information it can be confusing for people to find applications or the specific educational information they are looking for. By streamlining our website we will be able to assist potential adopters who struggle with our "busy" website and possibly reach potential adopters, fosters, or volunteers who pass us by due to difficulties navigating our website.

- A new website will also make education about the boxer breed, training, & ways they can help our organization easy to access!

-A new streamlined website will also promote efficiency within our organization. We feel that optimizing our efficiency, especially with regard to application processing, through electronic means will allow us to do more work in the same amount of time for the animals and community we serve!

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

72 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-18 18:51:20 UTC
Denise Sobolik

I continually reference the MNBR website to view the boxers that are available for adoption. In addition, I enjoy reading the stories of all the successful adoptions that have taken place.

Whenever I hear of someone looking at getting a boxer and/or a dog, I always refer them to this website. The website is the first point of contact for many prospective adopters. Therefore, it is important that the site be easy to use, up-to-date, and visually pleasing.

I have adopted a boxer through the MNBR and periodically volunteer by conducting home studies. Improving the website would be a great way to streamline correspondence between other MNBR members and prospective adopters.

2014-03-19 00:38:02 UTC
Duraye Marshelle

Drawing people in to check out the MNBR website is key. A website that is visually pleasing & fun goes a long way to get people to cheek out the Boxers, the organization, what is going on, what are they all about. The current website, while it served its purpose in the beginning years, is now so drab and dull looking. Boxers have a way of 'selling' themselves, but you have to see them first. However, it's not all about the glam either. Need brains behind the looks. The inner-workings of the Rescue website need streamlining to gather and track all the information needed on a daily basis. The website running efficiently will assist the Volunteers, allowing them to spend more time and effort on the Boxers. I have Adopted 3 Boxers from MNBR and plan to adopt again in the future. MNBR - a voice for Minnesota Boxers in need.

2014-03-19 04:20:24 UTC
Carol McDonald

A more user friendly website would be beneficial to both the pubic user and Minnesota Boxer Rescue volunteers. Streamlining the inner workings of the rescue would allow volunteers to concentrate efforts on saving and re-homing boxer dogs. A user friendly website provides the public visitor easy access to information about boxer dogs and the MNBR organization.

I have adopted two boxers from MNBR and am currently fostering a sweet boxer named Margie. Minnesota Boxer Rescue is a volunteer organization I believe in.

2014-03-19 15:57:39 UTC
Sue Stanek

I have been a volunteer and supporter of MN Boxer Rescue for many years. Since we don't have a central location for the rescue, our website is KEY to organize our information for potential adopters, owner surrenders, and for volunteers as well. The general public needs to be able to access information in an easy to view format versus the layout we have right now. I think an organized and appealing website will only help us in our mission of saving Boxers, as well as education to the public. In this day and age,everything is done on the web-- but if the site is confusing/ laid out in an unhelpful manner (as it is now), people may simply give up-- and then a dog loses a potential adopter. Please help us get a new look-- my adopted Boxer, Olive, agrees with this wish!

2014-03-19 17:31:34 UTC
Lucy Blake-Larsen

Please help MN Boxer Rescue get a new website. The look of our current website is not pleasing to the eye and can be cumbersome to work through. Often times forms are submitted several times because it is difficult to tell if the form submitted correctly. We have so many wonderful dogs looking for homes and we need to be able to showcase them better. The website really needs to be more intuitive and user-friendly. We get lots of complaints about the navigation. There are so many things this website and system cannot handle but because of being a completely volunteer organization we cannot afford the best.

2014-03-19 18:01:50 UTC
Sandy Hanson

Minnesota Boxer Rescue would benefit greatly from an updated Web site. The Web site is the first place individuals go to get information about the Rescue and the animals looking for homes. The current Web site is usable, but definitely dated and not the most easy-to-navigate. Having a new, fresher looking Web site would encourage people to surf around on it more and would lead to more people seeing the available dogs! Currently, I prefer to go to the Rescue's Facebook page before their Web site. But the Facebook page lacks the ability to donate directly through Paypal and house the products they have for sale that ultimately benefit the dogs in the Rescue. Also as a volunteer, having a place for us to all connect would be great! Please consider helping out Minnesota Boxer Rescue so they can reach more people and therefore rescue more boxers!

2014-03-19 18:39:32 UTC
Cheryl Johnson

Minnesota Boxer Rescue's web page is in dire need of a make over. The web page has looked the same as long as I have been with the rescue. Please help us get a much needed pleasing user friendly website. By having a new user friendly webpage we will be able to rescue more boxers that need us. This will also help people that have fallen on tough financial times feel that they have done everything they could to help their dog survive.

Minnesota Boxer Rescue is 100% volunteer based rescue. Please, Please help us with with a new user friendly web site.

2014-03-19 18:42:24 UTC
Chris Cloutier

I have a 13 month old boxer I got from MNBR last April. I got her because of my love of the breed and the commitment to giving a lovable dog a loving home. But, when my family was looking for a boxer to adopt the web site was a HUGE impediment to finding a dog. It was too static, limited and provided little possibility to get a sense of the dog. Making it easier to see the joy these dogs exude could do wonders to helping these dogs get adopted.

2014-03-19 18:48:00 UTC

I adopted my "third child" from MNBR. I found her on their website. Like most of us these days, I do a lot of things from my cell phone (like typing this). Unfortunately, it is difficult to navigate MNBRs website from a mobile device. I know that the trend of using cell phones instead of computers is only going to increase which is why they deserve some help with their website. Their mission is simple and it's pure. There aren't any schemes or attempts to make a few extra dollars with their adoptions. All that MNBR is responsible for is finding loving homes for wonderful dogs. Any thing that increases the public knowledge about this organization would make a world of difference for the dogs waiting for homes and for the people who are searching for them!

2014-03-19 18:59:21 UTC
Matt Nankivel

I have a sweet 4 year old boxer, Autumn, who I adopted 18 months ago through MNBR. She had been a puppy mill Mom and was scared of the world... the structure of MNBR, which places the dogs in foster homes as opposed to shelters was so helpful to her being adjusted to a normal home life. Although MNBR volunteer staff were hugly helpful throughout the process, the website was difficult to use and had an out-dated feel. Updating the website would allow for better showcasing of the dogs, easier access to relevant information, possibly a wider audiance... all of which would of course benefit MNBR and ultimatly the Boxers themselves.

Please update the website for MNBR... and while you are working on the site be sure to check out the boxers... you may find the perfect dog for you!

2014-03-19 19:05:43 UTC
Lisa Loeffler

Being an all-volunteer rescue who foster Boxers in our homes, our website is our biggest and most important way to get the “word” out about us and our Boxers up for adoption. This is where their stories are told, people see the adorable pictures of them and hopefully inspire them to then adopt. By making a more pleasing, easy to navigate and user friendly website, this would give the initial experience people have with our rescue a much better one and that initial impact is the most important. First appearances can make or break it. I adopted my Boxer-Brody from the rescue 6 years ago and have been fostering for 6 years also. Talking to the families that adopt my fosters, I have heard stories of difficulties navigating our site at times, and with this difficulty we can lose potential adopters. Having a professional looking website that is easy to navigate would in the end help many Boxers to find their and new and loving homes.

2014-03-19 19:21:45 UTC
Kris Ophoven

I have been with MN Boxer Rescue for six years. I have been through two different websites. Both of these have had their issues. The current website is difficult to maneuver through. I have struggled for a long time with the organization of the current website. I would love to see a site design that showcases our available dogs and that was easier for prospective adopters and volunteers to work with.

2014-03-19 19:56:53 UTC
Pat Schwartz

Minnesota Boxer Rescue is a group of highly dedicated and strongly motivated volunteers who work tirelessly to save the lives of boxers in need. It is essential for this group to have a website to not only feature the dogs available for adoption but to serve as a communication avenue for the volunteers. A new, streamlined website would be a huge help to MNBR.

2014-03-19 20:20:13 UTC
Rick Long

My wife and I were interested in obtaining a Boxer and stumbled upon the MN Boxer Rescue website. We muddled through the process which culmintated with obtaining a beautiful and bright animal (Addie) who has brought tremendous joy to our lives. Having never considered adoption before we would never consider another option in the future. Making it user friendly for a firt time adoption is nothing short of a win win and we are grateful at having found MN Boxer Rescue.

Rick and Lois Long

2014-03-19 21:24:50 UTC
Robert Füller

Minnesota Boxer Rescue deserves and needs a more usable site. Please help.

2014-03-19 21:25:21 UTC
Melissa Hupalo

With a virtual, all volunteer based rescue organization, the website is really the face of MNBR to the public and newcomers. Unfortunately, the current site does not provide the best visual of us. Likewise, the site is not the most user friendly to our process for handling volunteer, adoption and foster applications. Current state requires three separate unlinked steps to be completed in the system with very limited capabilities. Reference and vet checks are handled outside of the system and responses must be manually entered back into it for tracking. An upgraded, system friendly site would be a great improvement and allow the organization to function at a more efficient capacity.

2014-03-20 02:30:26 UTC
Susan He

The Minnesota Boxer Rescue is very worthy of a new updated website. The volunteers in this organization are amazing! They do a tremendous amount of work to find loving homes for all of the Boxers that come through the Rescue. We adopted our Boxer girl, Zoe, about a year ago and can't imagine our family without her. The current website is really not user friendly. Submitting our application online was confusing. I wasn't sure if the form had sent and was emailing to get confirmation. I think they end up spending a lot of time organizing their online data. Time that could be better spent helping more dogs find a new family. Please help them get a website that really shows off these beautiful pups and helps to ease the admin side of things also.

2014-03-19 22:05:44 UTC
Megan Colianni

I have vistited the MNBR website both as someone interested in reading about all of the great dogs that are rescued and adopted and recently have utilized the site as a volunteer processing incoming adoption applications. I always thought the site seemed a bit outdated and not very easy to navigate through. It isn't very clear where our adoptable dogs are to view on the site and when you get there, you can't easily view pictures of the dogs because they popup in very small windows. I imagine that would be frustrating and could turn off potential adopters from the organization. As a volunteer who process applications, I find the steps to process a single application extremely cumbersome. It would be great if all of the processing steps by both the applicant and the processing team could all be done within the website. I can only imagine what those applying to adopt think of the "clunkiness" of the site and the process from their end. I know there are amazing options out there to improve this site. This is an amazing organization who could benefit immensely from an upgrade!

2014-03-20 00:21:05 UTC
Shannon Burfeind

Minnesota Boxer Rescue will benefit greatly from a fresh, updated website that is both functional and visually appealing. MNBR's website needs to convey quality, integrity, and trust because adopting a dog is a big commitment. People should know that behind the cute puppy faces on the website, there is a hard working, volunteer team that believes that boxers are the best dogs out there. They dedicate themselves to transporting, evaluating, fostering, training and vetting the dogs so that people can feel confident about their MNBR adoption. We have adopted 3 dogs from MNBR and they have brought us so much love and happiness.

2014-03-20 00:31:14 UTC
Sharon Brady Hampton

Without MNBR we would not have our beautiful, wiggly, sweet (Lena) Boxer. Without MNBR theses beautiful dogs would not have an opportunity to be adopted by responsible pet owners/families. My Lena came all the way from Indiana through MNBR and I am most thankful for their thorough work and love for these dogs!

2014-03-20 00:47:19 UTC
Kerri Delaney~Horton

We adopted our incredible boxer, Lincoln, from MNBR almost 2 years ago. The hard work and dedication of the MNBR volunteers is amazing. They work so hard to find loving homes for these incredible animals. A new website would enable the rescue to reach more people and help remove barriers that have made it more difficult for families to adopt. MNBR is awesome! Choose MNBR!!!!

2014-03-20 01:16:05 UTC
Mercedes Cox

Over the past two years I have been struggling with my mother’s cancer diagnosis and her passing on Dec. 1st. While I have been blessed with the immeasurable love and support of my husband, family and friends, it was my Boxer Molly who really helped me through it. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog. Their ability to sense what their humans are feeling and respond accordingly is truly amazing. Boxers tend to exhibit this more than others. When I just needed a hug, Molly would just sit with me and provide her “hugs”. When I need a distraction, she always manages to come running into the room with a toy or a funny look on her face, always making me stop and laugh.

MNBR provides “Mollys” for families all over Minnesota and the opportunity to reach more families and save more Boxers is what they want more than anything. As someone who is in IT, I know the value of an amazing website and its equally amazing functionality. By choosing MNBR, you are not only helping to save more Boxers but you are saving their future families as well by providing them with an amazing new family member that will bring more love and joy than can be measured.

2014-03-20 02:02:20 UTC
Michele Hays

There really are no words to describe the depth of gratefulness I have for MNBR. I wish I could show you a picture of my boy, Chester! In my mind, if you could see him, you may be able to understand. He is everything to me! I still cry when I think about what could have happened to him if it weren't for MNBR. He was found wandering the streets of Chicago, then picked up by animal control. Most animal shelters don't even bother trying to find homes for the bully breeds. MNBR volunteers down there had him released from the shelter. Then a volunteer fostered him until transportation by another MNBR volunteer could be arranged to yet another volunteer foster home in Minnesota. Each one of them caring for him and showing him love and reassuring him everything would be alright. There just are no words.

2014-03-20 02:23:50 UTC
Sonia Hambrook

It would be great to be able to bring MNBR's web page into 2014. Make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate. Also better links to Facebook and a future blog site and twitter. It's all about saving more dogs and educating people about rescue. Many people are not aware that pure bred rescues exist and that they don't have to shop but they can adopt a pure bred dog. Thank you for considering us. I love my rescued boxer boy and would appreciate seeing a fresh page site to reach more people.

2014-03-20 02:26:12 UTC
Anjali Srinand

I was looking to get a boxer friend for a brindle boxer I already had. I was browsing the web and was lucky to find my Benny another Brindle Boxer on MN Boxer rescue. I was amazed as to how organized the volunteers were and how easy they made it for me to meet Benny. I have beautiful boxer kids now and thanks to MNBR without whom I could not have all this happiness. They definitely need a boost and a fabulous new website for future boxer owners who can be as happy as I am.

2014-03-20 02:36:18 UTC
Virginia Davis

Simply put, MNBR has gone through quite a bit of change and growth over the past year. What would be the absolute "cherry on the sundae" is a kickin', easy-to-use, streamlined website. We want to 1) showcase our amazing boxers, leading potential fosters and adopters to fall in love; 2) allow for volunteers to access, use, and send/share forms and info, 3) attract donations through the sale of merchandise, etc., 4) attract volunteers; and....5) reflect the growth and positive direction of Minnesota Boxer Rescue. Thank you, dear Nerds!!

2014-03-20 06:20:06 UTC
Darrell Pharmer

The boxer rescue provides a great service to minnesotans as well as rescuing wonderful dogs in need who would otherwise face unfortunate abuse or an end to their very existence. My wife and I are strong believers in their cause we have fostered dogs for the rescue as well as adopted Chopper our own dog. The rescue would greatly benefit from the expert designers at the Nerdery

2014-03-20 12:40:40 UTC
Susan Peterson

MNBR work very had to do the very best for the animals in need of help.
Anyone who has that kind of heart deserves the thanks and support of those of us who are unable to do the hard work. They sure could use a new website to help make the work a little easier to manage.

2014-03-20 13:39:30 UTC
Bob Hultman

My wife and I have been proud MNBR members for a few years now having adopted Hammie and we are also failed fosters of Jordan. This is a fantastic organization made up of very dedicated volunteers from all across the country. Unfortunately, their website lacks the "WOW" factor.
It's rather lifeless and can be difficult and cumbersome to navigate.
They, and especially the dogs they work so hard to rescue and place, deserve a website that stands out and demands attention. People are drawn to color and action, so something that contains some sort of motion and plenty of color would be terrific!
A website that says "HEY LOOK AT ME AND WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER!!!"
Please give this group of lifesaving volunteers your kind consideration.
Hundreds of rescued dogs will thank you!

2014-03-20 17:29:25 UTC
Sheila Varner

When our family began the search to add a boxer to our family and chose to go the rescue route, the MNBR website was were we went to begin our search. The website is functional, but doesn't give justice to the FABULOUS work this organization does. Please consider Minnesota Boxer Rescue for a "website rescue" and help them continue the tireless work this organization does.

2014-03-23 04:11:25 UTC

It never ceases to amaze me of the time given by volunteers to help with the care of abused animals by neglect. I do commend all the effort taken to care for these animal to teach them of their worth to others that love animals. My hope is that MNBR will be considered for the upcoming website makeover that could only be a plus to the organization. Thanks to all again for all the help.

2014-03-20 21:21:19 UTC
Kelli (Simmons) Hansen

The MNBR does such an amazing service for Boxers in need of a home and quite possibly in dire need of medical attention. Our boxers come from all over and are surrendered by their owners, at the Humane Society, lost, hurt. They come to MNBR and are given a new chance at life. I adopted my boxer, Chewy, last May from the MNBR. He was very skiddish and not very doglike when we got him. I always wonder what he had gone through before coming to us. Over the last few months we are really finally getting to see his personality come shining through.
Since adopting Chewy from the rescue, I have gotten involved and currently process applications. Our website is downright 1990's version:(. It is way harder to apply, process and help these dogs in need due to the lack of functionality in our site. I am hoping and praying that your will pick us and find our rescue worthy:). I have been working with The Nerdery for the last 2 years, you are my development company for Guideline AMC. My other boxer Roxy was featured in a shout out for my account team (Andrew Tongen, Adam Witter and Brian O'Keefe along with your other awesome Ruby on Rails developers). Name dropping done, almost, can I mention that my husband is also friends with Tom O'Neil and Brian O'Keefe:). Please, please, please pick our rescue! Do it for the dawgs!!!

2014-03-20 21:27:43 UTC
Mike Vigoren

MNBR is an incredible organization with people who care deeply for all dogs. These people bend over backwards to help dogs, families, and communities as a whole grow together in creating an environment that promotes responsible pet care. If anyone deserves help with their website its MNBR.

2014-03-20 21:44:21 UTC

I have worked with rescue organizations for years. Every one of them is full of volunteers donating countless hours of their time and sometimes money to the cause of getting stray and abandoned animals adopted. When it comes to donations, they often get left in the dust for other charities that we deem more deserving.... or shall I say human. I think people often forget the joy that an animal can bring to a home or person. As a sufferer of depression, my dog has saved my life a few times. If it wasn't for organizations like MN Boxer Rescue, thousands of animals would never make it out of the "prison" they deem as life. I don't know about you, but my dog makes my world that much brighter. What a better organization to help spread the word and get these lovable companions and future family members adopted!

2014-03-21 00:51:12 UTC

MNBR is the best and they deserve a new website, so they can connect more awesome owners to some lovable boxers!

2014-03-21 00:58:54 UTC

I write as an out of state supporter. I have traveled 6 hours round trip on more than 1 occasion to be supportive at their events and routinely mail things for them to use at raffles, auctions, etc. I found them via the website because of my love of Boxers. Their website has not been refreshed or updated for many years or maybe even never since I have been following along! I tag along on their facebook and website and proudly display their logo sticker for all to see in my workspace. The only reason I'm not actively involved is that they operate in Minnesota only and I reside out of state. I am continuously impressed at the compassion and effort that this group of volunteers so willingly gives to these ill and homeless Boxers. Bless their hearts! I tell people about their organization and do my best to add to their support base. I do believe a more attractive, user friendly website would benefit the dogs who so desperately need help. It may be more user friendly and help contribute to the vast number of followers thus increasing adoptions or bringing in additional needed revenue. It would make our hearts happy if they were to win the new website not for themselves but for the Boxers! For the love of dogs ..........

2014-03-21 01:04:18 UTC
Amber Johnson

One of my 2 boxers came from MN Boxer Rescue, and she has completely changed my life. I want others to be able to experience that love and happiness too, and they can, when they find THIER life changer on the MNBR website. Having a newly updated and easier to navigate website for MNBR would be a GREAT thing. SO many people arrive at rescue websites and go "This is what I expected-a basic website that is hard to navigate and actually find where the animals ARE!" now they can be pleasantly surprised with a well designed website, with easy navigation so that more dogs can be adopted with more visibility!

2014-03-21 02:09:34 UTC
Mary Rollie

MnBR deserves a website that mirrors the breed it represents. Boxers are highly energetic, playful, powerful, agile and arguably the most expressive of breeds. The current site completely contradicts these attributes with its lack of personality and mobility.

Because this rescue is virtual and ALL volunteer based, it demands simple navigation for prospective adopters, fosters and volunteers to get information about available dogs, events, applications and other crucial matters that can be literally life saving. Exposure is the key to making the pieces fall into place and get dogs in safe fur-ever home

I've adopted and volunteered with MnBR and I have seen so many miracles happen through this rescue. Our current MnBR rescue, Dexter, makes everything better everyday. A true fact: It's quite impossible to have a bad day when you have a boxer in your life.

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

I hope that The Nerdy can help rescue MnBR with an off leash website!

2014-03-21 03:22:17 UTC
Lonnie Weaver-Johnson

As a Boxer lover I follow many Boxer rescue sites and for years have felt MNBR needs an updated site. As a brand new volunteer imagine my excitement when I found out the organization also wanted a better place to showcase their deserving dogs. MNBR volunteers give endless hours to saving these silly creatures - I hope that your 24 hours of donated time will go to this deserving group of people and pets. Then, when you're done, you should check out some of these silly pups that need a home. It would be a great way to decompress after you 24 hour website building marathon! :)

2014-03-21 06:20:14 UTC
Darreck Lingwall

I've been a volunteer with MNBR since December of 2008, and it was by far one of the best decisions I've ever made and has turned into one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In the Fall of 2008, I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life between losing a very well-paying job and a girlfriend who I was a month away from proposing to, and as a result I felt like I had no worth and had lost almost all hope of anything positive. I've always been a fighter so I refused to give up on myself and began looking for something to help me feel important again, and this lead me to MNBR due to boxers always being my favorite breed of dog. I joined MNBR and began volunteering by doing home visits, helping with their Boxer Bars fundraiser, and events when I was available. My mother then began developing a lot of health issues which took a lot of my time away from contributing to MNBR, and unfortunately quite a bit of time passed until I was able to get involved as much again.

Even back and involved again, my work schedule was very sporadic which didn't allow me to help with a lot which started weighing emotionally on me again until I was blessed with my first boxer through MNBR who was mistreated for the first 11 years of his life in a puppymill. His name was Champ, and my experience with him taught me things about myself I never knew and I'm still unsure of who rescued who more. I said goodbye to Champ on 11/25/11 and I’m still not over losing him, however he was the epitome of what MNBR is all about. Just like the their main goal states, Champ was one of hundreds of beautiful and deserving boxers who was rescued, re-homed, and rehabilitated. I then fostered and adopted Bubba who’ll be 2 in July. I began fostering him just before he was 3 months old after being rescued from a hoarder where he was kept in a small, dark, and damp basement for his first 10 weeks of life. Whatever trauma he endured during that short period has affected him so much that he shows emotional scars to this day. He is a daily work in progress for me, but is truly very well worth it. Bubba is another absolutely perfect example of what MNBR represents, and every single day there are more and more boxers who need MNBR’s help in finding new loving homes and shown that they have worth.

I didn’t tell this story to get pity at all, but instead to explain just how important it is for MNBR to be more easily accessible for both volunteers as well as prospective fosters, adopters, and others who may just be interested in viewing what MNBR is all about. I am in no way an IT person, however I do know if a website runs smoothly and is easy to navigate, if the links work efficiently, and everything exemplifies what the organization or business is all about and represents. From the many home visits I have done, I have been informed by prospective adopters that they had difficulty in navigating the website and were unable to find certain information they were looking for. My hope is that I nor any other volunteer ever has to be informed of this again, because that directly and negatively affects the organization and their ultimate goal of informing the public as well as helping to save and re-home more and more deserving boxers.

2014-03-21 15:33:47 UTC

Minnesota Boxer Rescue is a great organization with enthusiastic and caring volunteers and wonderful rescue dogs. It would be even better with a more informative and interactive web site. The documentation portion of the approval process for adoption or fostering can be a bit tedious with emails flying back and forth and it would be less daunting if it could be included as part of the web site.

Many people say my MNBR dog, Wrigley, is so lucky to have found a new home, but I say "I'm the lucky one because he found me!!" When he came into MNBR his health was a mess, but his personality was perfect. He is healthy now - thanks to MNBR - and is so loved and appreciated by everyone who meets him, and he is dearly loved by my family and me.

Boxers are such wonderful dogs and whatever you can do to help them find deserving homes would be so much appreciated.

2014-03-21 17:41:09 UTC
Mary Martin Smith

The MNBR is a very deserving nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the better of our dogs. There main objective is to help all in need. They need a more user friendly web site to get their message out there & be able to communicate will all other rescues, animal shelters & communities dedicated to providing a better life for our 4-legged friends.
I have seen many messages on fb when a animal is lost, run away or just needs our help & the social media is amazing on helping these animals.
a new web site could help in the same way.
Please help us in being more effective & efficient so we can save the lives & give more homes to our best friends.

2014-03-21 17:58:09 UTC

Minnesota Boxer Rescue is a great organization placing wonderful pets into homes. They are in need of a web site that will help them with this effort by show casing the pets as well as simplifying the work needed to gather applications, check references and communicate with others about the organization, the pets and the process. I recently worked with MNBR and while the people are great and the resulting boxer in my house has been a great fit, using their current web site and following communications through multiple email strings could certainly be improved on. Please help these great people and this wonderful organization with a web site that will help them continue their work.

2014-03-21 18:31:30 UTC
Shawna Moon

I have a new found love for the boxer breed. MNBR has a great thing going for helping these wonderful dogs, but the website could use a make over. It would be awesome if it were easier to navigate through for both potential adopters and volunteers. It would also be great to have a place for alumni parents to post updates, upload photos, and ask questions. MNBR's boxer family, present and future, will all benefit from this.

2014-03-21 18:42:03 UTC
Amanda Olsen

To start, MNBR is the reason I found my best friend. My shoulder to cry on. The best listener I have ever known. The best source of entertainment one could ask for. My unconditional love and my favorite family member. Without the dedicated and hardworking volunteers of MNBR, a lot of people would not have found their furry soul mate.
MNBR deserves a user friendly website, so that they have one less thing to worry about and one less disaster to clean up after. They would be able to spend more time thinking about the dogs. Matching the right person, with the right boxer. Transporting, feeding, vetting, spreading awareness. What else do they do? They dedicate their own personal time, to help speak out for something that cannot speak for itself.
I got my squishy-faced, wiggle booty boxer, in January 2013. He is AMAZING! Without him, my life would be pretty boring to say the least. All of the volunteers in MNBR, were easy to work with. Compassionate, kind, caring and most of all, just wanted to help. Not just a dog find a home, but me find my heart.
They derserve this.
Thank you.

2014-03-21 19:51:22 UTC

I recently adopted a 3 year old boxer from MNBR. He was very emaciated and was not treated well in his previous home. We had been looking for quite some time into adopting as our 10 year old boxer had just past and we had a 6 year old female boxer who needed a companion. We had worked with a few other boxer rescues on the adoption process and were very unhappy with their communication and lack of updating us on information on their available boxers and our application process. We finally found the MNBR website! We saw their available dogs and immediately found our little skinny 3 year old boxer! We filled out an application and were approved within a week! I am out of state and live in Iowa and it is very important to have a very user friendly and an easy to navigate website to keep adopters/volunteers up to date. That was the first thing I looked at when looking at MNBR as an adoption choice. MNBR was great to work with and kept us up to date on everything. All my questions were asked very thoroughly and immediately. If it wasn’t for the website, I don’t think we would have found our sweet little wiggle butt!

2014-03-21 21:08:36 UTC
Jackie Erlandson

A year ago, we had to say goodbye to our family member, Duke. The best boxer a family could have every asked for. He passed away due to cancer. It was very difficult for our family. He could never be replaced, but after a while, there was such an emptiness in the house. We decided to search for another a boxer, my husband and I started surfing the web. We found the MN Boxer Rescue website. We seen photos of their available dogs and attended a meet and great to talk to them about the process of adopting. MN Boxer Rescue volunteers are wonderful! My husband and I were very impressed by the love and time they spend on finding a family for these boxers. Two months later, we were matched with Artie. Artie completes our house. He makes us laugh every day. I love coming home to his kisses and little wiggles! I could go on and on about our new baby.

MN Boxer Rescue deserves a new website. They work so hard saving, transporting, training and loving these boxers, anything to help them make their job easier would be greatly appreciated. As a special bonus, by designing a new website, you will help a boxer find a new family! Every family needs a Boxer!
Thank you

2014-03-21 23:07:08 UTC

This is an amazing organization which will benefit greatly with a new web site. A more user friendly site would go along way to help them continue helping boxers in need. Being able to bring boxers and families together is what is all about.

2014-03-22 00:34:18 UTC
Nicole McCarthy

MN Boxer Rescue is an AMAZING organization that could use your help! These selfless people donate their time, homes and hearts to help boxers in need. I am dog lover and the mom of three wiggly boxers that melt my heart. I want everyone to feel that same love and to never see a boxer go homeless. With your help and a new website the MN Boxer rescue can showcase the dogs they have and help raise money and awareness for the ones that still need all of our help. MN Boxer rescue is doing great work and they are so deserving of this!

2014-03-22 01:44:18 UTC
Jules. Ja

We just adopted our boxer Juneau from Mn boxer rescue. The experience was awesome and
The people who run the organization are loving, hardworking, generous lovers
of people like me, who select a boxer from their organization. They love and bond
with every dog that comes through their organization. We are all a network of people who
care about those animals that people abuse, neglect, abandon, breed and leave
behind. For these and many other reasons this network of humans needs a better
way to network online. Help us to help the animals that count on us to find them
forever homes were they can be at peace, loved and played with for life. Thank You.

2014-03-22 17:38:47 UTC
Donna Varga

I just experienced the wonderful, dedicated staff at MNBR in adopting my new boxer from their organization. All that I became involved with were loving, caring, and totally committed to finding good homes for this wonderful breed. For their good work to continue, it is necessary that their website is current, easy to use, and all informative to ensure that future rescued boxer owners can begin the seamless journey in beginning the process. Please help them. Thank you.

2014-03-22 20:52:24 UTC

After deciding we had room in our heart and in our home, we began searching for a second boxer. After finding MNBR, we met the most talented, dedicated, committed group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This group VOLUNTEERS countless hours to place well deserving boxers into their furever homes. It is an undertaking that many would give up on- not this group. We added Rosie (aka Joon) to our home a couple of months ago and we couldn't be happier. She is a character and a perfect fit for our family. If there is any way you can see to help out this organization with a revamp of their website, please, please do so. The less time and money they have to use to navigate and communicate information, the more they can spend on what they do best- PLACING RESCUED BOXERS in homes. I cannot say enough about what a fantastic group this is- I urge you to support them in this effort. I know they will be furever grateful if you do. Please help them. Thanks!

2014-03-24 00:52:47 UTC
Kristen Vigoren

I love being part of the efforts of Minnesota Boxer Rescue (MNBR)! I truly enjoy each and every foster dog that our family is allowed to care for, and look forward to the many more that may bless our home.
With that being said, many potential adoptive homes outreach to our household, and many have the same complaints- the website was clunky and difficult to navigate. I can mimic this sentiment as I, myself, have also struggled while searching for the page of our current or next foster, searching for apparel, and while processing incoming applications for volunteers, and foster and adoptive homes.
Please consider MNBR for the website makeover so we can better serve those without voices, and continue to save the lives that touch so many and provide so much fulfillment and joy!

2014-03-22 21:35:06 UTC
Louise Aamodt

If you want to really put your energy and expertise to a great cause, MN Boxer Rescue is it! We have adopted 2 dogs through MNBR and plan to continue with them as long as our lifestyle allows us to live with dogs. I've heard that there are 'member benefits' linked onto the website that I'm supposed to be a part of, and while I'm admitted not tech-saavy AT ALL, I haven't found the community info I'd hoped for. I also like to star-gaze looking throughout the dogs periodically, but that's also not as streamlined and user-friendly as the dogs deserve it to be. (No offense, MNBR.) I also know how much time and money the volunteers invest into these sweet pups, and if you are able to make their lives even one bit easier during the intake/fostering/adoption process, that would be fantastic. We can't risk volunteer burn-out when foster homes are so desperately needed. Whatever you can do to help, MNBR and all of us prior adopters would sure appreciate it. More importantly, take a peek into all those brown boxer eyes who would MOST benefit from your help. That's what it's really about.

2014-03-22 23:27:22 UTC
Carolyn Hultman

The Minnesota Boxer Rescue group deserves this for the Boxer Breed and to help those animals that are in need of staying alive, medical attention, being loved and to giving back to a family that is their forever home. My husband and I presently have 4 boxers, of which 2 were rescued by the Minnesota Boxer Group. Their stories are incredible and would not be alive today if not for The Minnesota Boxer Group. We live in Northern Minnesota and wish we could do more to help but because of distance(5 Hours travel time) we rely
on their website and e-mail. We have done home visits in this area for potential adoptions for the Boxer group and continually hear of how non-user friendly the site is. I, myself, do not go on the site anymore because of this reason and how time consuming it is. My husband keeps me updated on things in the group.
There are many other wonderful organizations that need help too, but it seems continually that the animal groups are left behind. Please don't leave these animals behind because of paperwork and lack of a user friendly website. We need your help, to help more boxers live the wonderful life they deserve.

2014-03-23 00:31:08 UTC

We had room in our hearts and our home and started looking for a second boxer. We found out about MNBR and met the most professional, dedicated, committed group of people who volunteer countless hours to find loving furever homes for this fabulous breed. We brought Rosie (aka Joon) home a couple of months ago. She is a character and we can't imagine not having her with us. Anyone who has a pet knows the incredible joy that they bring to a family. The current website is dated and not very user friendly- please help this organization spend less time and money on the communication and more time on the rescue and placement efforts. An updated website would help them accomplish that goal. They work so hard and the work is such good work- please help them out! I know they would be furever grateful. Thank you!

2014-03-23 01:31:27 UTC
Toni Anderson

I am a Volunteer, Foster Home and also now an adopter. Throughout my time with MNBR, I have visited the site many times. It looks outdated and does not showcase our beautiful boxers in the way they deserve.
All of our volunteers spend countless hours helping these babies and they deserve a website that is easy to maneuver. It is difficult to find things on the website for those of us who use it frequently, so imagine how hard it is to a prospective adopter.

I would love to see a website that can be used for many different ways, for volunteers, for the board and also for adopters. If there could be an area where we could send each other messages instead of having to use our group email service (which I dislike as well!). Somewhere for forms to be found easily, a donation area and MOST OF ALL, a beautiful page where we can show off our available boxers and find them good homes!!!

Please choose MNBR to receive a new website! Our dogs deserve it!!!!

2014-03-23 01:37:06 UTC
Anthony Anderson

My wife and I have been involved with MNBR for about 2 years now. We have worked events, fostered 12 dogs and just adopted our 3rd boxer, Sterling (aka Anderson).

As fosters we use the website frequently and are frustrated with the limited funtionality and how dated it looks. Forms are hard to find, it is difficult to figure out how to update forms and information.

The dogs are the most important part of the rescue and they could be represented so much better than they are. There could be so many improvements made overall.

Please help! The Boxers need you!

2014-03-23 02:39:01 UTC
Julie Nelson

I joined the MNBR organization as a potential adopter in July of 2013. I quickly became not only a failed foster mom, but a true foster mom and a board member for this years board. I am repeatedly frustrated with both the look and the navigation of our website. It needs such a major overhaul to make it, not only more user friendly but more pleasing to the eye. The website is clunky. Our boxers would be forever greatful for your assistance with turning our website into a catchy, user-friendly website.

2014-03-23 02:46:09 UTC
Bonnie Loidolt

I have much respect and deep feelings for MNBR because of the huge difference they make in the lives of Boxers who were abused, abandoned or neglected. This organization finds willing volunteers to foster the Boxers to help them trust again and learn to enjoy being the great pet they were meant to be. We have become accustomed to relying on the efficiency and ease of technology and this organization is no exception. It is essential that the website be easy to navigate and that workers who volunteer precious time out of their busy lives have a user friendly connection with other volunteers and organizational contacts. I have personally seen how photos of adoptable pets were not very clear and it is a shame if that could make the difference between an adoption or not. Please consider MNBR for the upcoming website makeover!

2014-03-23 17:29:17 UTC

I've been a member of Minnesota Boxer Rescue for just over two years. I joined MNBR because I wanted to find a way to give back to my community. I started just volunteering at events, which has evolved over the last two years and now I currently serve on the board of directors. The passion and dedication of our volunteers amazes me daily. Being an all volunteer rescue our resources for technology are limited. Anyone who has visited our site can see it is a challenge to navigate and doesn't highlight our best assets, the Boxers. Our website is our main tool for spreading the word about Boxers that are available for adoption as well as upcoming events. Our website is also used process our applications and the current website posses many challenges for our application team, prospective adopters as well as our foster homes. To have a new, user friendly, and better organized website would greatly benefit Minnesota Boxer Rescue. Thank you for taking the time to consider Minnesota Boxer Rescue for the website makeover.

2014-03-23 18:58:14 UTC

Minnesota Boxer Rescue is one of the greatest agencies I have ever come across. All of the members of the organization give so much of their own time, money and love into what they believe it's hard to not want them to get any assistance they can get to get themselves out there. I've had boxers my entire life and when I recently moved to Minnesota I came across their organization and fell in love right away. While I do not have as much as time as I wished to donate to their cause due to my work and life I can hope that by taking the time to fill out this in hopes of them getting a website makeover to help further their cause.

2014-03-23 19:12:46 UTC

MNBR is a model organization that is truly doing a great thing for our community. I was overwhelmed with how much support they were willing to offer, and all the sacrifices they were willing to make. This organization is having such a positive impact and I hope that their hard work and dedication can be rewarded in the form of a website makeover that helps them spread their aid as much as possible.

2014-03-23 20:00:49 UTC

MNBR is an amazing organization, I've seen first hand how powerful this can be to the lives of the boxers they're helping and the people that adopt them. I can't imagine coming home and not seeing the animals I'm helping. There is so much hard work that goes into keeping this group running, and I am proud to be helping in it.

2014-03-23 23:06:52 UTC

MN Boxer Rescue is an awesome organization! These selfless people donate their homes and hearts to help boxers in need. I am dog lover and I know that I personally couldn't imagine my life without my dogs. Let us never see a boxer go homeless. With your help and a new website the MN Boxer rescue can showcase the dogs they have far better than they are now, and help raise money and awareness for the ones that still need all of our help. MN Boxer rescue is doing great work and should get their new website

2014-03-23 23:07:38 UTC

MNBR is an incredible organization, with a great community. They put so much work into helping the boxers and the people that adopt them, they truly deserve a website that is more visually pleasing and easier to use.

2014-03-23 23:19:45 UTC

MNBR has been amazing to me, and the boxer i adopted. I appreciate all the time and effort from MNBR into helping the adoption process go smoothly. They are a great organization doing an amazing thing. They deserve a great website and so much more for the work they do.

2014-03-24 01:29:15 UTC
Sarah W

Any organization willing to donate so much time and effort to the rescue of animals in a throw-away world should be blessed with the opportunity to receive special IT help for their website. I haven't personally adopted a pet from MNBR however in my travels through their website looking for ones I found it slightly difficult to navigate. It took many clicks to try and find the info I was looking for and it seemed cumbersome compared to other sites. Having a fresh eye smooth out some of the wrinkles could only help these beautiful pets get a second chance at life. Please give MNBR a second chance on beautifying their site as well.

2014-03-24 02:27:24 UTC

PLEASE select MNBR as a recipient of your website challenge. This organization greatly deserves and needs help with their website. The board and many of the volunteers are passionate about what they do and they give many hours of their time; an improved website would definitely make their work quicker and easier! MNBR has many fantastic volunteers that could help increase applications, fosters and adoptions, as well as improve other aspects of the rescue with an updated, more efficient website. Simply the nature of this organization being a rescue which reaches out to potential fosters, adopters and volunteers across the state (as well as interacting with those existing individuals-many on an ongoing basis) makes it dependent on a dynamic website that can facilitate the various moving parts in an easy and appealing way. Your expertise would be invaluable to the rescue and would absolutely further the mission and help achieve the goals of MNBR!

2014-03-24 19:13:31 UTC

MN Boxer is an amazing organization that could really use a website update so please consider awarding MN Boxer Rescue with your website challenge!! We adopted our first boxer this past May and we were amazed at the dedication and commitment volunteers in this organization demonstrate. Dedicated volunteers passionately serve the needs of Boxers desperately needing loving homes. This is a first rate organizations that needs a first rate website to communicate with their needs and find loving homes for amazing Boxers!

2014-03-24 20:45:34 UTC

MN Boxer rescue is an organization that is full of selfless people, who volunteer countless hours helping Boxers in need. The volunteers are the only reason the rescue can continue to do what they do. By having a fresh website and one that is easily accessible by all would allow more dogs to find forever homes. I hear way too often how hard the system is to navigate, it times out on people when submitting forms, it's not a fun website to spend time on. A fresh, streamlined website would help the volunteers be able to get the work done in a more efficient way would allow for that time to be focused on other parts of the rescue. Please consider the rescue to be chosen for such wonderful project and gift.

2014-03-26 14:16:53 UTC
Justin Durrant

MNBR is fantastic! The work they do is extremely impactful. We have adopted two boxers from them!

Our Mission

When Boxers are in need, Minnesota Boxer Rescue dedicated volunteers respond. Our mission includes hands-on rescue as well as education for our members, volunteers, adopters, and community.