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Twin Cities 2014, April 12-13

Gender Justice

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Gender Justice is a nonprofit law firm that represents women, men, and LGBTQ identified people who have experienced gender-based discrimination. Many Gender Justice clients also face barriers around income, race, ability, and/or immigration status. We target the root causes of gender bias and litigate high-impact cases to change minds: one policy, one training, and one lawsuit at a time.

Most of our program work involves providing legal services for cases across a range of issue areas, including access to medical services, barriers to parenting and pregnancy, discrimination in the workplace, combating sexual violence, and bias in educational and public institutions.

All Gender Justice clients have experienced gender bias in some form, and many of their have been turned down by other firms because at lower income levels, even strong cases are unlikely to turn a profit. We also look for cases with the potential to set important precedents for how gender bias is addressed in influential organizations and in the legal system.

We also work to train and develop the next generation of leadership on gender equity, and we advocate for better public policy on sex, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity issues.

We work with law students, legal fellows, and peers to encourage best practices in litigating gender bias cases. Through speaking engagements, trainings, events, and media coverage we teach the public how the root causes of gender bias can be addressed.

When we advocate for policy changes, our clients are our strongest advocates. We work with local and national partners to develop and pass better and more effective public policies at the state, county, and municipal levels.

What new functionality we are looking for

First and foremost, Gender Justice needs a functional web site that is attractive, modern, and accessible and features content, photos, videos, and URLs that project our legitimacy to potential clients, opposing council, donors, and volunteers. Our current site is so outdated that its URLs start with ““ instead of “” Its editor won’t even allow us to post new images and videos which would allow us to better communicate what we do.

We would like to be able to easily collect email addresses to stay in touch with our supporters; ask for and process donations online in a simple way; invite individuals to upcoming events; offer training and public speaking services; connect with our social media platforms; upload password protected legal documents; provide photos, videos, and graphics for supporters and the media; post blog style updates; highlight media coverage of our work; be contacted by potential clients; recruit volunteers and legal interns; and provide easy contacts for media outlets.

We want users to understand who we are and what we do. Users should be able to read summaries of our issue areas and be able to locate the client stories and legislative priorities that relate to each of those issue areas.

How the new functionality will help

A new web site will help potential clients find Gender Justice and motivate them to contact us. If our new site is able to help counter the assumption that we ONLY serve women or that we ONLY serve queer and transgender clients by better explaining the work that we do, we will hear from more diverse individuals and be better able to identify the kinds of high-impact cases needed to create lasting change as a result. Tackling this assumption online will also make us appeal to a broader range of funding sources as well.

A new web site will help our lawyers in the courtroom so that when a judge or opposing council looks for us online they will see an accomplished, professional, and serious organization that should be treated as such in court.

A new site will also help us to attract and retain the talented volunteers, dedicated board members, foundation funders, and generous individual donors (especially by making it easier for donors to give online and making recurring gifts) Gender Justice needs to continue representing our incredible clients and to continue working on our training and public policy objectives.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

22 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-18 22:40:23 UTC
Christy Hall - Gender Justice staff

Gender Justice is a great organization that works for civil rights for everyone. We have fantastic, brave, inspiring clients that need their stories to be told. A new website would help us in our work to give them a voice.

2014-03-18 22:40:25 UTC

One of the best things about working at Gender Justice is seeing clients turn into advocates and become their own heroes. About a month ago a Gender Justice client who first came to us after she was fired for wanting to pump breast milk at work for her infant son told her story to a crowd of community activists and state legislators. As a result, there is a bill that's been proposed in the Minnesota legislature to strength protections for other nursing moms and make sure what happened to her never happens again. She is planning to testify on behalf of that bill later this week.

These are the kind of incredible stories Gender Justice could tell with the help of a new web site so that the organization can better connect with clients, donors, and volunteers.

2014-03-23 13:50:34 UTC
Chris Farmer

Gender Justice is a wonderful organization doing vital work.

2014-03-25 21:29:23 UTC
Bonnie Peace Watkins

Gender Justice is a unique law firm that brings a new perspective to the ongoing work for systemic change - and needs topnotch social media to make a critical difference. - Bonnie Peace Watkins, former director of the Minnesota Women's Consortium, vice president of US Women Connect, and producer of the television documentary "Unfinished Business: Future of the American Women's Movement"

2014-03-25 20:08:39 UTC
Jenni Wong (former intern)

As a law student, I gained valuable experience working for Gender Justice during January-August 2012. In my time with the organization, I witnessed numerous clients seek life-changing help to fight for gender and LGBT equality. To me, some of Gender Justice's most inspiring work involves standing up for underrepresented women's rights, particularly on behalf of socioeconomically disadvantaged and immigrant women. Another major area of work for Gender Justice involves advocacy on behalf of transgender rights, including anti-discrimination protections and access to inclusive healthcare benefits. As an organization that focuses on eliminating gender bias through education, policy, and the law, Gender Justice is doing vital work in the Twin Cities area and beyond.

2014-03-25 20:09:17 UTC

Gender Justice is an absolutely inspiring organization, and their work addresses a huge gap in our current understandings about gender-based violence and discrimination. They take on cases that otherwise never see a court room. They create a space for narratives to not only exist but prevail, narratives which are often so tragic and upsetting that the larger community takes for granted the ability to assume "these things don't happen" or that if they do they are brought to justice easily. I want to see GJ expand, grow, and facilitate a broader awareness of these stories and the individuals most directly impacted by societal ignorance/apathy. I think that with the right tools and support, GJ could do so much. Please help them build the amazing website they deserve!

2014-03-25 20:11:29 UTC
Vidyotham Reddi - Board Member

What draws me to Gender Justice is that they are doing pehnomenal work at bringing Gender Equality in a sustainable and robust manner. Like the founders say (and I paraphrase) - equality, one policy and one case at a time.... SOLD!

2014-03-25 20:17:59 UTC
Julia B

Gender Justice's work is SO important! Without access to these services, so many legally protected rights are really meaningless on a day to day basis for many people. Keep up the good work and I hope you get help for a new, fabulous website which could bring your services to even more folks!

2014-03-25 20:18:40 UTC
Betty Folliard

Gender Justice is on the cutting edge of gender equality advocacy. No one does more to advocate, educate and litigate our way to a more equal society than the brilliant founders of this amazing organization. They are national spokespeople on cognitive bias; they have helped create national networks to eradicate gender discrimination; and they generate trainings, education and lawsuits to form a more just society. WIth your help Gender Justice can grow its regional, national and global voice. Please help this outstanding organization maximize their reach. Thank you!

2014-03-25 20:27:13 UTC
Linnea H

As an advocate for reproductive rights and health in Minnesota, I value the added depth of expertise and perspective that Gender Justice brings to all Minnesotans. The ability to share the story of their work with a larger audience is critical to increasing their impact through out the state.

2014-03-25 20:48:08 UTC
Sandra Ashcraft

It's uplifting to see a group that not only doesn't discriminate, but goes the extra mile in order to ensure that everyone of their clients receives fair and equitable treatment

2014-03-25 21:03:00 UTC
Justin Michael

I have a lot friends who are transgender, many of them too afraid to reach out for legal guidance and counsel. Gender Justice fulfills a great gap to ensuring the fair treatment of all people.I am thankful that the resources are here, and appreciate those behind the scenes of this very important organization.

2014-03-25 21:40:15 UTC
Thomas Newkirk

The challenges of addressing the hidden barriers to gender equality are substantial. Many lie beneath the surface and will remain there unless we as a society, are willing to take a hard look. Gender Justice has committed itself to taking that look and its founders have put aside personal interests and personal gain to commit themselves and this organization to that effort. Getting the word out about this important work is key and this website would be a tremendous help.

2014-03-25 23:05:13 UTC
Hope Jensen

Gender Justice is a rare and exceptional organization working for true gender equity by giving voice to issues few have the courage to raise and to individuals very often left unserved. A new website would bring life to that voice and energize both clients and advocates to continue this vital work.

2014-03-26 00:51:27 UTC
Andrea Miller (former intern)

Gender Justice is absolutely unique in its focus on shaping law with data-driven solutions. The firm is doing vital work training a new generation of legal professionals to be sensitive to gendered barriers in society and savvy about the latest psychological science on bias and discrimination. Because the lawyers at Gender Justice make such an effort to understand how discrimination and stigma operate in society, they can offer an unparalleled level of empathy and understanding to their clients. It was so rewarding to work there and see the look of relief on clients' faces when they saw that someone understood what they were going through and would believe their story. More people facing gendered injustices in society should have access to the kind of support that Gender Justice offers, and a new website would allow the firm to reach out and make an even bigger impact than it already is.

2014-03-26 01:48:34 UTC
Liane Tessier

Gender segregation in the workplace continues. Women still most often find employment in low wage, low security jobs. Until we stand up and challenge the barriers that inhibit women from moving into higher paying stable sectors of the workplace (most often these are the traditionally male jobs),little will change. This is a very prevalent issue that rarely gets the attention it needs, but Gender Justice has the wherewithal to take this on where many other organization don’t. Please support them.

2014-03-26 02:02:00 UTC

Very important organization doing great work!

2014-03-26 02:44:36 UTC
Kathryn K-C

Gender Justice does amazing work by providing much needed legal services to people whose voices normally wouldn't be heard. When I volunteered there I was amazed to see the stereotypes employers have against pregnant women, in 2014. The work that Gender Justice does is needed to change stereotypes against women and LGBT people. The women who work there are inspiring and I can't think of anyone who deserves a website more!

2014-03-26 04:07:23 UTC
Nancy Stanina

Gender Justice is a much needed and wonderful organization. Besides your family, your job is of the greatest importance to you. It is the center of your livelihood. Because of this, you can be vulnerable to tolerating unfair work or school conditions, harassment, discrimination, bullying, violence or other abuses. When these types of things happen to you, you may feel ashamed or convince yourself that you are doing something wrong or even that you somehow deserve it. You may get so frustrated with the situation that you quit or put yourself at risk for being fired. The situation is intolerable, yet you have no where to go to or turn to. It can feel so completely hopeless. Before Gender Justice, there was no simple way to even get basic information about your rights or what can be done to turn things around for you. I, along with a couple of my friends, have had the privilege of personally working with Lisa Stratton, a co-founder of Gender Justice. It was an incredible experience. Imagine, someone that actually understands what you are going through and can advocate for you. One of my friends said that while talking to Lisa, all she could do was bawl like a baby because Lisa was so caring and she understood what she was experiencing. Gender Justice is more than just a place to go for help; it's a place to go to help you heal and comfort your soul. If you, your child or someone you care about is being subjected to an intolerable, unfair situation, you can more deeply process what it means to be treated with such understanding, compassion, caring and non-judgmental respect from the people at Gender Justice. This is an incredible organization that does so much good!

2014-03-26 13:22:06 UTC

Angelique Jespersen (Volunteer Paralegal)
Gender Justice is such an important organization to suppor because Gender Justice works to break down those barriers caused by biases. They are setting precedence toward human equality. I have worked with Gender Justice on legal projects for almost two years and I am inspired by the hard work, time, and energy they devote to their cause!

2014-03-26 14:24:58 UTC
Gretchen Cooper

I love Gender Justice! Four years ago I was terminated from my driving job because I am female. I didn't know where to turn for help, but I knew what happened to me and two other ladies was wrong and against the law.We reached out to Gender Justice and found very caring and personable attention to our case and to my life. Gender Justice stands strong not only for my rights, but for my dignity as a working woman within a mostly male driving crew. Thank you for your support, dedication and hard work to represent people like me without a lot of money or resources to still find truth and justice within our legal system.

2014-03-26 15:42:11 UTC
Ms Gretchen Cooper

"I love Gender Justice!
Four years ago I was terminated from my driving job because I am female. I didn't know where to turn for help, but I knew what happened to me and two other ladies (who were also fired for the same reason on the same day) was wrong and against the law.
We reached out to Gender Justice and found very caring and personable attention to our case and to my personal life.
Gender Justice stands strong not only for my rights, but for my dignity as a working woman within a mostly male driving crew. Thank you for your support, dedication and hard work to represent people like me without a lot of money or resources to still find truth and justice within our legal system."

Our Mission

Gender Justice is a nonprofit law firm based in the Upper Midwest working to eliminate gender barriers. We concentrate our resources on cases and projects that shed light on the root causes of gender injustice, such as implicit bias and stereotyping. We consider it especially vital to make sure public policy and anti-discrimination law reflects the most recent scientific findings about bias. Gender Justice also focuses on the economic consequences of gender injustice, especially where gender injustice intersects with race and class issues. We know strict gender expectations can hurt anyone, and Gender Justice will never turn down an important case just because the victim is not LGBTQ identified or a woman. Our regional focus is critical to our success because we know progress globally and nationally requires locally-grounded, bottom-up advocacy.