The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2014, April 12-13


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MVNA started in 1902 as one of the nation’s first non-profit, nurse-led, public health organizations and is a safety net provider to clients ranging from pregnant teens and infants, to older adults, spanning care needs from prenatal and birth to end of life and bereavement. Of those we serve 93% live in poverty. MVNA provides services throughout Minnesota and some services in Western Wisconsin. There is a 17-member volunteer board of directors and 182 employees. Services are provided in the community through home visits (wherever the client calls home, which includes homeless shelters), schools, licensed child care centers, family child care homes, businesses and various community sites.

Strategic initiatives for 2014-2015 include:

• Technology - Achieve seamless, efficient, and effective systems to enhance the needs of the organization.

• Community Visibility - Attain community recognition for who we are and what we do.

• Quality Services - Quality measures are integral to all aspects of care and service delivery.

• Work Force - Recruit and retain mission and brand-driven, expert staff in order to build capacity.

• Funding Growth - Achieve financial sustainability through diversity of funding and services.

What new functionality we are looking for

MVNA received pro bono services from The Brand Toolbox and spent about 18 months developing a new name, brand and logo. MVNA is now entering the public phase of the brand rollout. We are looking for the transformation of our current website that is a mess of inconsistency in page designs and looks, into a creation that is professional looking, high-quality, eye-catching and that helps us launch our new brand, name and logo. We desire a website that draws the user in and keeps them interested in discovering more information about MVNA and what we have to offer. Hospice of the Twin Cities, an MVNA subsidiary and their own 501 (c) (3), obtained a new website last year. MVNA would like a website that looks similar to Hospice’s for consistency in branding, but the platform can be different. We would like a website that can be quickly and frequently updated to stay current with our client needs. We need new pages. We need a website that serves multiple constituencies: patients newly diagnosed with a chronic disease; pregnant and parenting teens; people with disabilities; volunteers; students and interns; supporters (individuals, corporations, foundations, civic groups); and community partners. MVNA serves people age newborn to over 100 years of age and we need a website that is able to touch all of their lives in a positive way. We desperately need the website to have the ability to let various constituents complete and submit forms through the website. We currently lose site optimization due to the Home Page words being embedded in an image.

Our web site visits have gone from a high of 100,347 in 2007 to 83,592 in 2013, a 17% decrease! We need your help!

Our dream website will:

1) Include the following types of tabs and pages that has natural page flows and easily navigated back and forth between pages with a static navigation bar on every page:

• Home Page and Welcome

• About Us Page

o Mission and Values

o Contact Us

o Media with press releases, newsletters, annual reports, and media inquiry contact information

o Financial and policy information required by law and for Charities Review and accreditation standards to have available to the public

• Pages for our four divisions and 20 and growing programs.

o Wellness Services is a revenue stream for many other MVNA programs. Wellness Services provides biometric screens, classes and flu clinics to companies and at community sites. This program needs the ability for companies to go through our website to reach “back pages” for clinic scheduling, marketing wellness to employees and connecting to a partnership with a third party. Need E-commerce ability.

o Multiple programs need a portal for forms exchange

• Learning Page

o Information for patients, the public, students, media and donors about the evidence-based models we utilize, information on diseases, parenting knowledge, and issues of importance to MVNA like health equity

• Caregiver Page

o Managing stress

o Community resources and support groups

• Volunteer Page

o Support a new formal volunteer program we are creating as a part of our 2014 strategic plan

o Include ability to view volunteer openings

o Complete a secure online application

o Self-registration for orientation sessions

• Health Care Professional Page

o Seasonal flu clinic staff with ability to interact with online training manuals

o Scheduling features through a ServeMan login

• Contribute Page

o Online donation mechanism for gifts, memorials and sponsorships

• Career Opportunities Page

o Review and sign off on having read our mission and values

o Employment applications (currently have a career webpage hosted through our applicant tracking system Prospera)

2) Have the ability to support embedded video, downloadable PDFs, and hyperlinks to resources beyond our website.

3) Incorporate flash to show pictures that rotate or change. Currently each page is a set template and not flexible for changing pictures. We have limited ability to do videos. We desire the ability to do slideshows for our home page to publicize updates and programs; and have reverted to an animated gif in order to achieve this.

4) Need plugins to help promote social and search metrics (currently do not use Google Analytics).

5) Ability to support social media feeds that can update automatically and hyperlink to agency LinkedIn profile, ability to blog, Facebook and do rss feeds.

6) Enables pages to be easily updated, added, and removed. Seek a website that contains a Content Management System allowing any internal Marketing Team staff member to make instant modifications (text, photographic and file uploads, hyperlinks, dynamically generated news feeds from other sources, etc.), which will free up IT staff. Current website is developed with Dreamweaver CS4, three versions back, and only one IT person can make changes.

7) Allows for text enlargement when needed by the viewer.

8) Make each unique visitor feel like an honored guest who had a good experience while visiting and that they have learned at least one piece of information to help them lead a healthy life.

Our dream partnership: A team during The Nerdery Overnight Web Challenge!

What we bring to the challenge: Passion for our mission, enthusiasm to learn, team players, a sense of humor, a project lead who is fun to work with while also being a consummate professional, and a can-do attitude!

How the new functionality will help

The current website is not user friendly, does not convey the nurse-led expertise and professionalism offered by MVNA, and doesn’t propel our new brand promise of compassion, ingenuity or optimism forward into the community. We need the help of The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge and a new website to remedy this. A new website will extend our services to more people, help us be responsive in a timely manner, and support constituents. It will streamline administrative processes by allowing for forms to be fillable and completed electronically; staff scheduling, classes and event sign-ups to be hassle free and available at any time that fits constituents’ schedules; and help attract the employees we need to serve our rapidly expanding programs. The website will become a learning center for new teen parents, a teaching tool for patients newly diagnosed with a chronic disease, and provide the knowledge that help is available to guide them and their family members on this part of life’s journey. MVNA provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We need a tool that supports us and our constituents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

158 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-04 14:49:11 UTC

MVNA is a nonprofit healthcare provider in the Twin Cities, who cares about people. Their nurses make a difference.

2014-03-04 14:50:37 UTC

I have worked with MVNA for years. Always professional and provide great services.

2014-03-12 12:30:27 UTC

MVNA is a legacy nonprofit organization serving the greater twin cities. I appreciate the fact that they have such skilled staff delivering excellent care - regardless of whether or not the patient is able to pay for their services.

2014-03-04 14:53:22 UTC

MVNA is great! We work with them as often as we can - our business is in the same neighborhood and giving back to the community is important to us! A better website design would be fantastic and make it easier for people to help and for people to get help!

2014-03-04 14:54:35 UTC

I have worked with MVNA for many years. They provide a great service.

2014-03-06 17:57:35 UTC
Robert McGinn

MNVA provided our staff flu shots at a great price and were very professional. Most staff paid nothing as their insurance covered the cost and the agency did not have to pay for them to come out.

2014-03-11 14:05:10 UTC
Sue Schettle, Board member

MVNA serves a unique niche in our state and is one of those organizations that you just love to be affiliated with. They serve underserved populations, help the most needy, offer hope and resources to people who really need it. MVNA is a terrific asset to our community.

2014-03-03 14:53:50 UTC

This is an organization that helps people who really need it get the resources they so desperately need. I have seen first hand the dedication of the employee's who serve there - and giving them the digital presence that matches their commitment to care delivery would be a gift of great proportion.

2014-03-04 14:42:44 UTC
Celia Connoy

Great group, very professional.

2014-02-28 17:12:34 UTC

MVNA has a dynamic nursing staff that supports new parents, provides home care, give flu shots and has a hospice for those with a terminal illness. They are knowledgeable, but most importantly compassionate. They are available to help everyday of the year. They are willing to go the extra mile to help clients. Please help them with a new website to make their day-to-day work easier and so more community members will know about them and get the health care they need. Thank you for considering them!

2014-02-28 21:23:43 UTC

Not very many organizations can say they've been around for over a century serving their community - MVNA can! We're talking about nurses dating back to 1902 who walked to patient homes and 113 years later, driving out to help the sick. Today it's not just nurses - it's social workers, physical and speech therapists, home health aides, therapy pets, volunteers and many more! While MVNA's mission has remained the same, the people and era aren't! Please help this organization to look the part - current, tech-savvy, up to date. MVNA needs your and the Nerdery's help to show that compassion isn't an outdated concept: it's always new, it's 'in' and will continue to be the unshakable foundation for caring for the sick and needy.

2014-02-28 22:48:32 UTC

MVNA has a great story to share and makes a difference in the lives of thousands of people in our community. The care and service they provide is unbelievable, cost-effective and life-changing. Please help them bring their website up to the same standard that their care reflects.

2014-02-28 23:20:53 UTC

MVNA has outstanding nurses who provide competent and compassionate; however, our website doesn't showcase it very well. Please help us design an amazing website that utilizes current technology and makes people want to keep learning about the amazing care we provide in the community.

2014-03-03 13:40:14 UTC

As a nurse, new to the TC area, looking for work and returning to nursing after a season of being away, I could not have predicted the depth and breadth and passion I found when asked to join the MVNA team. Nursing led, our executive leadership team is beyond anything I've ever experienced. Client centered, brand focused, transformational in everyway. MVNA is not "old" or "stuck" but moving forward sucessfully and continuing to be relevant in today's competitive healthcare market. The current website does not match who we are or how we interact with our clients. It is outdated and uninviting. Not for profit should mean more, not less. The website needs to match the passion by which nurses are engaging the community. Our family company HOTC enjoyed the gift of a web redesign, it's time for our parent company, MVNA to obtain the same. Please consider supporting this vibrant organization for your redesign project. We need you to help us be more digitally visible in the community we serve. Thank you in advance for considering our team at MVNA as the recipient of your website nerdery!

2014-03-03 14:23:54 UTC

MVNA is dedicated to improving the lives of people in our community through their compassion and ingenuity. They continue to challenge themselves to grow and improve - which is needed to continue to meet the growing/changing needs of our community.

2014-03-04 14:46:36 UTC

MVNA is an organization that works - providing needed services to the entire life span. I support their quest for a more reflective and useful website.

2014-03-03 17:32:44 UTC

I am proud to work as a nurse for MVNA. Working here is a dream and I truly feel like I am making a difference in the lives of the clients I serve. However, our website is not something I am proud of. I am often embarrassed to send referral sources to our website because of it's lack of functionality and usefulness. I would love to see our website have the same quality and helpfulness that our work brings into the community!

2014-03-03 17:40:39 UTC

MVNA truly does great work but their website needs an update to reflect that work and help others to better understand the vital services they bring to the community. So excited to see MVNA have this opportunity to be considered for this outstanding website challenge to tell their story!

2014-03-04 13:07:44 UTC

MVNA is vital to the community. They support wellness in providing immunizations to the community. Their Hospice staff are angels. They are the most caring and supportive people. They deserve assistance in updating their website.

2014-03-04 13:08:19 UTC

MVNA has provided for over 100 years nursing services to the neediest residents of Minnesota. I think the opportunity to get a website redesign would help them immensely.

2014-03-04 13:10:48 UTC

MVNA is an integral part of the Minnesota non-profit landscape. They have been providing needed services to our citizens for over 100 years! It is a truly amazing story and with a new brand supported by an awesome website they will continue to be able to tell their story and keep helping the people who have the most need. This challenge is a great opportunity for MNVA and it will be exciting to see if they win! Go MVNA!!!

2014-03-04 13:15:39 UTC

It's hard sometimes when you have a job to get people to go in and take care of some of the more basic needs that are offered for cholesterol testing and blood pressure checks and flu shots etc. That they will come to our workplace and deliver outstanding nursing care and perhaps enlighten someone to a possible health risk is a great service and one we highly support.

2014-03-04 13:27:16 UTC
Teresa Hansen

As an employer representative who has experienced MVNA dedication to community wellness programs and health education, I heartily endorse its candidacy for a website redesign reward. Let’s help them more efficiently get the word out about the wellness support programs its trained professionals deliver so well. Let’s help them more efficiently continue to educate the Twin Cities and our statewide communities concerning health topics, wellness steps, and disease prevention. The community as well as the business community that supports our state economy could only be enhanced through MVNA’s message.

2014-03-04 13:34:39 UTC

MVNA provides much needed preventative and proactive community health care. They are responsive to public needs and are able to provide service efficiently, quickly and responsibly. MVNA is an asset to our state health care system, and a new website design that will enable them to reach more Minnesotans would only increase their outreach.

2014-03-04 13:37:32 UTC
Joan Clarke

Our company has used MVNA for our in facility flu shots for five years & I could not be happier with there courtesy and professionalism. I have recommended them to numerous other companies. MVNA is a wonderful organization.

2014-03-04 13:38:20 UTC
Dr Randy Herman

Having served many years on the advisory board, I can testify to the good work and ongoing dedication of the staff. In the ever increasing complex world of health care delivery, new strategies must be implemented to insure quality care is available and that the public has access to the information necessary for informed choice. Please support this organization in maximizing its ability to do so.

2014-03-04 13:45:22 UTC

MVNA is a wonderful organization to have in the TC area. The work they do is so important and often overlooked. We use them for our flu shot clinic at work, as well as CPR training. A new website design would allow them to reach more Minnesotans so they can do more of the outreach work they specialize in.

2014-03-04 13:45:31 UTC

MVNA provides the nurses for our flu clinic each year. The profit they make on their flu clinic goes back into the community to serve those in need. There are many providers who can host a flu clinic for us, but the mission of MVNA is one of the core reasons we use them each year. This, along with the fact that they provide a quality service and are a wonderful organization to work with, will keep us coming back. Let's give to the organization that gives so selflessly to our community and reward them with the website redesign award.

2014-03-04 13:47:12 UTC
Cher Rafftery RN

MVNA has been doing flu shots at our university for over 12 years without any complaints or problems. The students have been very pleased with this service. I like how easy they are to work with for scheduling, like the on line scheduling, the professional and friendly nurses and other staff that I deal with.

2014-03-04 13:56:15 UTC
Bob Hanlon

We are proud to say our company forged a working relationship with MVNA in recent years who helps us support wellness in the workplace and to help people learn how to navigate their healthcare. MVNA has a tradition of helping their community and I support those who in return help supports MVNA's mission.

2014-03-04 14:02:44 UTC
Marjorie Schaffer, PhD, RN

MVNA has been a wonderful collaborator with the academic community by offering clinical experiences for student learning. The organization has also partnered with me on several research initiatives. The organization uses best evidence in their programs and strategies.

2014-03-04 14:04:31 UTC

I am in full support of MVNA having worked with them since 1992 as both a PHN and HMO Maternal Child Health Coodinator. I'm appreciative of their community involvement and caring for individuals who lack insurance or other payment sources.

2014-03-04 14:10:09 UTC
Jennelle Kline

MVNA is a great non-profit organization that strives for health in the workplace and at the personal level. They have a great team of nurses and are friendly courteous and I believe that this company deserves to win based on their superior service to our community. I have been appreciative of their kind and helpful service to our community. I have been using MVNA for years at our job to make sure all our employees are healthy and happy. What a great organization this is!

2014-03-04 14:11:34 UTC

MVNA does wonderful things for many people. I have worked with them for several years and have never been disappointed. They truly deserve this opportunity, which will enable them to help even more people.

2014-03-04 14:11:50 UTC

I support MVNA, and their great local work, providing jobs, and support of health initiatives.

2014-03-04 14:12:16 UTC
Lynn Moe, Realife Cooperative of Osseo

Great service. We have them come to our building to give flu shots to our senior residents. Fabulous.

2014-03-04 14:15:14 UTC

Sounds like a sound venture

2014-03-04 14:18:51 UTC

Minnesota Visiting Nurses Association provides valuable service to the business community as well as our community as a whole. Their Mission Statement says it all. Please provide this great non-profit the help they need with their web design. Thanks!

2014-03-04 14:19:52 UTC

MVNA is an organization that provides services to people who need it more than most. I believe a new website would help them continue this very important work.

2014-03-04 14:21:32 UTC

They have been coming to give our employees flu shots for many years.
Easy to work with, great nurses and good follow up. They are a wonderful asset to our community.

2014-03-04 14:23:24 UTC
Mary - Minnesota Medical Association

Our organization has worked with the MVNA to do flu shot clinics and we have donated to the Season of Sparkle. It is amazing to work with and give back to an organization that supports the community in such a meaningful way. I believe a new website would help the MVNA carry on their mission and continue to bless the community. Good luck MVNA!

2014-03-04 14:23:42 UTC
HR Manager

When looking for a resource to do flu shots at our organization, MVNA fit the bill. They would greatly benefit from a more visible web presence, which would then make them a better resource to the community.

2014-03-04 14:23:53 UTC
Sara Preston

MVNA has worked tirelessly for over a century improving the health and lives of residents statewide from birth to death. I had the honor and privelege of working for MVNA for a short time and fully appreciate their committment to the overall Public Health of our state.

Their work includes home visiting to pregnant women and newborns to make sure new families have the support and resources they need to succeed, vaccinations and collaborative work in schools improving the health of children so they can be successful learners, and addressing the health needs of the disabled and dying and their families. MVNA finds people who would otherwise not have access to health care including the uninsured, immigrants who need help navigating our complex health care system and the elderly who might have difficulty getting to a clinic site.

This very deserving non-profit has a legacy of improving the health of all for over 100 years. Please choose them as one of the beneficiaries of the Nerdery's excellence in website development!

2014-03-04 14:23:58 UTC
Terri Haag, CyberOptics Corporation

The MVNA has been providing flu shots at our company location for the last several years. They are so efficient and easy to work with. I like their on-line appointment scheduling, and the nurses have all been so knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I look forward to working with them each year.

2014-03-04 14:26:22 UTC
Gayle Hallin

This is a high value organization that would be able to function even more effectively with a top grade website.

2014-03-04 14:27:01 UTC

MVNA is a provider of vital services to people and communities in need. A new, improved website would help their outreach and help better communicate their mission and role.

2014-03-04 14:32:55 UTC
John Kemp

MVNA serves a vital function in the area it serves. It is a part of the safety net that supports a large number of people who otherwise might receive no medical attention of any kind. I have always been impressed by MVNA's commitment to going where the people who need their services are rather than expecting the clients to come to them. Very client friendly. John Kemp, ED/CEO, Neighbors, Inc.

2014-03-04 14:33:57 UTC
Ann-A School Nurse

MVNA provides invaluable services for us in the schools and are a wonderful resource. They are truly deserving of a website that captures all that they do and provides a one-stop shop for those needing assistance.

2014-03-04 14:34:56 UTC

MVna is a great, valuable organization that would benefit and be able to perform their functions more effectively with a new, improved website.

2014-03-04 14:36:46 UTC

I have used MVNA for many years and they always provide great service for our employees. I highly recommend using their services and believe they would benefit from an updated website to assist with their branding and messaging.

2014-03-04 14:42:18 UTC

MVNA helps people on a daily basis who would be forgotten otherwise. They are a group of kind and caring people.

2014-03-04 14:55:01 UTC
Judy Sullivan

I have been working with MVNA for several years now doing an annual flu shot clinic for our employees in Roseville, MN. They have been able to provide us with the most cost effective way to provide the flu shot clinic and our employees love the fact that it is done onsite. Each year the number of employees who've signed up increases, and I believe that is due in part to the wonderful MVNA staff!

2014-03-04 15:00:25 UTC
Sandy Drake

Such a wonderful organization that helps so many others, in so many ways, a gift of appreciation for the lives they touch would be to give them the website they truly deserve.

2014-03-04 15:15:51 UTC
Penny Kreutter ~ VP Marketing @ Lee Square Cooperative

MVNA has been our Flu Shot Clinic provider for the past 8 years, 9 counting our upcoming clinic this fall! From setting up the date and time of the clinic, to information provided prior to the clinic, prompt email replies to questions, fantastic nurses and registrars at the clinic, we could not ask for a better organization to come and give our members their yearly vaccines! They do all the paperwork involved for the insurance providers each individual has. If you haven't tried them yet, call them up and get a Flu Shot clinic lined up right away, you will be very pleased!!

2014-03-04 15:21:27 UTC

MVNA has provided Flu Shot Clinics at my church a number of times. They are very helpful and professional. It is so nice to have such a great non-profit organization that provides services to our community. In order to stay current with technology, they would benefit from an upgrade to their website.

2014-03-04 15:34:20 UTC

I have worked with MVNA at several of my companies with the flu shot program. They have always been easy to work with, knowledgeable and friendly when on site. I would highly recommend them to any organization!

2014-03-04 15:48:31 UTC

MVNA is a public health program that has been serving the "poorest of the poor" as well as others in our metro areas. A new website could help enhance communication with MVNA's clients and stake holders. Thank you of seriously considering their application.

2014-03-04 15:51:10 UTC

My church quilting group donates the quilts we make to MVNA. They provide a great service to the community and I would like to see them have an upgrade to the website and become more visible to the communtiy.

2014-03-04 16:01:20 UTC

The Mn Visiting Nurses Assoc. helps many individuals who otherwise would not have an opportunity to gain a "leg " in their lives. I just heard of two young women they helped with their babies who are now going to school to become nurses to give back for the help they received. This is far more important than a government handout as these women can develop self-esteem, responsibility and other qualities that will make them successful in their endeavors.

2014-03-04 16:10:08 UTC

MVNA is a most deserving community for this incredible gift. I say community for that is how they operate. They operate in the community for the community as a community. Going out into the different areas of our great city operating flu clinics, wellness for companies, working with schools to be there for the wellness of our children. A new website would upgrade the content of the information being able to get the resources out to the correct areas.
Thank you for seriously considering this gift to MVNA. Your guys ROCK!!!!

2014-03-04 16:45:23 UTC

I work as a Social Worker for low income seniors in HUD housing. MVNA has provided my clients flu vaccinations for many years now. Many of my clients have no transportation and have difficulty getting out to flu vaccination clinics held in the community. MVNA comes right to my clients in our building. They are professional and a very caring and deserving organization.

Having an updated website would help them further their cause and mission.

2014-03-04 17:01:09 UTC

I have been impressed with MVNA dedicated work and commitment to serve low-income people through their work with pre-schools, and by offering low-cost flu shot clinics. My first encounter with them was at the Minnesota State Fair Healthfair, where MVNA volunteers staffed their booth for 12 hours a day for 12 days of the fair! Without fanfare MVNA volunteers work hard to keep people healthy. With a robust website they could have a bigger impact and reach many more people needing their services.

2014-03-04 17:04:18 UTC

MVNA is a wonderful organization that provides a quality services in our community. MVNA deserves this upgraded website so they can reach even further into the community!

2014-03-04 17:31:27 UTC
Rollx Vans

We have had onsite flu shot clinics with MVNA for a few years now. It is a valuable service to our organization to be able to get a flu shot during normal working hours without leaving the worksite. The nurses are all very professional and get the job done in an efficient manner while answering questions. The setup is done with little effort on our part so that every year we are prepared in advance to offer this to our employees.

2014-03-04 17:34:48 UTC
Bruce Jacobson, IPE

Greetings! Like yourself, our company is involved with assisting charities in the area with the services that we provide. In my association to date with both MVNA and Hospice Twin Cities/Valley, I am impressed with their desire in reaching the goals of service that they set and the dedication to do more.

Your award would be well received and utilized by the organization and by those that both support and use the services. Your expertise will allow MVNA to express their message to all and in turn allow for more of the services they provide to be made known and provided.

2014-03-04 18:42:23 UTC
Sue Fust

MVNA is a great organization and a wonderful community partner.

2014-03-04 18:52:55 UTC
Marty McCusker

MVNA is a lifesaver for many of the clients it serves. For those who struggle with illness, disability, and personal and financial challenges, MVNA staff are relentless in finding ways to help achieve independence and stability. And they've maintained this good work for over 100 years! You can be assured that they will be good stewards of this award, and that it will allow even more people to receive these beneficial services.

2014-03-04 19:08:07 UTC
Dee Thibodeau, Board Member

It is a great website and a great charitable act for you to do!!! Great job! dee

2014-03-04 19:11:41 UTC
Tom Burton

MVNA provides quality healthcare services to people living in poverty. I can't think of a more deserving organization to receive assistance to upgrade their website to better serve the community.

2014-03-04 21:11:03 UTC

A great organization such as MVNA deserves a great redesigned website that they can be proud of. I should know, I fell asleep trying to browse the site at my own leisure. And when I woke up I forgot what I was doing there in the first place.

2014-03-04 21:25:55 UTC

MVNA deserves a website that is commensurate to the wonderful work they do in our community. They don't have the financial ability to purchase professional web design services because all their resources are put into delivering high quality health care. Just because the care they deliver is primarily to those that live in poverty, doesn't mean their website should look "poor".

2014-03-04 21:32:34 UTC

I support MVNA with in-kind and monetary gifts because I know firsthand the difference they make in the lives they serve. MVNA staff are always helping others - it's time they receive some help. I hope you select them for a new website so they can reach more people in need of services. Thank you for this opportunity to share my support. Go MVNA!

2014-03-04 21:39:14 UTC

I am proud to be a social worker with MVNA. I am continually amazed by the dedication and passion of the nurses and other staff who provide client care. MVNA nurses dedicate themselves to serving underserved populations that many other agencies in the industry will not serve. Our staff are caring, genuine, compassionate, and tireless. Most importantly, MVNA nurses and other staff believe in the fundamental dignity of every person, and it shows. Clients have commented to me that they never met a health care organization that treated them with so much respect and believed in their dignity. I often tell my family and friends how I hope MVNA will be there to visit me when I get sick. Our organization is also extremely efficient and stretches each dollar of funding further than I thought possible. Please support MVNA by giving us the chance to update our website!!!

2014-03-04 23:32:55 UTC

This group has done and continues to do so much for the people of Minnesota that it cannot be easily measured by common means. They really are a group of unsung heroes who work tirelessly for the good of so many. Any new tooling or enhancements to their website which could help them to carry on with their legacy of community giving would be a gift which would extend far beyond their own organization. It would be a gift to all the people that they serve so well.

2014-03-05 00:07:33 UTC

This group has done and continues to do so much for the people of Minnesota that it cannot be easily measured by common means. They really are a group of unsung heroes who work tirelessly for the good of so many. Any new tooling or enhancements to their website which could help them to carry on with their legacy of community giving would be a gift which would extend far beyond their own organization. It would be a gift to all the people that they serve so well.

2014-03-05 00:10:29 UTC

I vote for MVNA to get this new website; it's a great community resource.

2014-03-05 01:20:49 UTC
Clarence Jones

From the CEO, to the nurses that provide services, MVNA has proven itself to be a consistent, committed, and genuine partner in addressing the healthcare needs of the community. They are a quality organization, and well deserving of a quality website that reflects their contributions in creating a healthier Minnesota.

2014-03-05 02:23:44 UTC

MVNA's services provide incredibly important help to some of the most needy members of our community. From car seats for children and,support for single mothers, and hospice care for those facing end of life struggles. They are a quiet presence that needs to be elevated to a strong voice. A new uplifting website could mean the difference in the life of a newborn and comfort in the life of a family preparing to say goodbye to a loved one.

2014-03-05 03:47:48 UTC

Keep the message moving. This organization is filled with wonderful, caring people making a difference in the world.

2014-03-05 15:26:13 UTC

MVNA is more than a health care provider to our under served populations, they are an embrace of compassion, concern and grace. They not only lift the body but also the soul, they are the mother, father, grandparent. They mentor, teach and guide. They fill the void of lost dignity and restore. I am so proud to have come to know these outstanding people who represent the best interests and highest ideals of our community.

2014-03-05 22:23:57 UTC

MVNA comes to the school where I work in the fall to give flu shots - a simple enough service, but one that makes it easy for so many of us to be protected from the next influenza bug coming for us.

2014-03-06 00:06:19 UTC

MVNA helps serve the most vulnerable members of our community and has been quietly doing so for more than 100 years. A new website would help community members understand the critical role of MVNA in our community, help prospective clients understand what is available for them, and help MVNA attract advocates, supporters and talented staff.

2014-03-06 13:48:30 UTC

A young teenage mom just found out she was pregnant and is scared, but a family health public health nurse is there to address her concerns. An elderly man needs help with his medication regime and findings ways to get to his clinic appts, but feels relieve to know a MVNA PHN is there to help him. A woman dying of cancer experiences the healing that a hospice nurse provides. The diverse clients MVNA serves would greatly benefit from a revamp of the MVNA website. Please consider this change making non-profit for this website challenge.

2014-03-06 13:51:36 UTC

MVNA has been invaluable for our school. We don't have a full time nurse, and the availability of an experienced expert in the field helps our school to run the best that it can. The nurses are courteous, available, excited to help and friendly. We can't say enough good things about MVNA.

2014-03-06 13:53:44 UTC

MVNA does a great job of serving people with many needs. They have been around for such a long time and they continue to do fantastic work with all who they serve. They deserve to have a great website to help them show who they are and what they do!

2014-03-06 15:53:42 UTC
Randal Eckart, Director, Twin Cities International Elementary School

MVNA has served our school since its inception 14 years ago. They provide services on a wide spectrum of healtha and human service needs and most important of all, they do a fantastic job at it. Our students and the community we serve would be at a tremendous loss without our nurse Jill Johnson. She is terrific. Thank you Jill and thank you MVNA for all of your help and dedication to our students and community of learners.

2014-03-06 17:26:20 UTC
Wendy Sharpe

MVNA serves the poorest of the poor in our community with the utmost professional dedication and compassion! Given the financial constraints of serving many who are not insured or are under-insured, a gift of a beautiful new web design would be like winning the lottery for MVNA and would bring much needed visibility to the crucial health care work they are doing in Minnesota. Please consider funding MVNA so you too can make a difference in the world like the MVNA staff!!

2014-03-06 20:56:03 UTC
Lariza Carlson

I have worked with MVNA now for several years. I'm most familiar with their Holiday family sponsorship where my family and coworkers have 'adopted' families to sponsor. The MVNA staff are empathetic, compassionate, and professional. When I read notes on the family's needs/situation, I can tell there was a lot of thought and observation on the nurse's part. I want to continue to support the work that they do and assist when I can. Besides the holiday event, their round-the-clock and calendar year work is integral to the health of the community. I wish them great success....and a new website :)

2014-03-06 21:07:47 UTC
Julie Kelly

As a librarian, I am so impressed with the early literacy work that MVNA does. I don't know of anyone else in town that understands that you can't start early enough, and does the work to make it happen. Families receive books before the baby even arrives, and reading to children at any age is encouraged. There is great research about how beneficial this is for a child's school readiness.

2014-03-06 23:26:01 UTC

I am proud to say that I belong to a quilter's group that donates quilts and baby items to MVNA. We feel that MVNA is a very caring organization. They are dedicated to help in providing the best of care to the individuals and families of our community. It is our pleasure to donate to such a worthy organization.

2014-03-07 03:00:25 UTC
Sue Klaseus

I worked with MVNA a few years ago as a consultant. I was previously naware of this organization and the incredible work it has been doing to serve those in need in our community for over 100 years. Providing public health care from pre-natal stage to end of life, primarily for those in poverty with no where else to turn, it provides a safety net that is so needed, sadly, in today's environment of growing need.

A few years ago Hospice of the Twin Cities became a wholly own subsidiary of MVNA. This organization is committed to enhancing the quality of life of its patients and their family members through respectful care focused on maintaining dignity and alleviating suffering. Incredibly sensitive, loving and caring healthcare "angels" care for important community family & friends. We are called to celebrate this special skill set that is delivered so beautifully.

When I think of MVNA I think of all the long-time dedicated staff helping to improve the lives of so many in need, at every age, through home and community health services. I think of the public health care nurses in the early 1900s knocking on doors to take care of those in need. Highly skilled healthcare workers are still carrying these services in to the home, schools and community centers, wherever the need arises.

MVNA desperately needs to update its web site to get the message out to all constituents. It has already done much to improve brand, strengthen capacity, develop new leaders, and now they need to expand their communication techniques to share their story with the world.

MVNA is very worthy of this investment. So many Minnesota citizens
will benefit from this sophistication.

2014-03-07 15:04:34 UTC

MVNA has provided our school with great services and oversight of our student health program! They are well-organized, strong communicators, and detail-oriented. We thank them for their support!

2014-03-08 20:08:42 UTC

MVNA continues to impact the community with caring, passionate, and dedicated individuals who believe and work hard to make a difference for those who are struggling in our community. MVNA has been in existence for over a 100 years and is continuing to strive to be the best at providing the community with quality, compassionate care from infancy through end of life. MVNA is so worthy of this investment, please help MVNA keep their passion for others going through updating their website and further reaching those most in need in our community and in the State of Minnesota!!!

2014-03-11 13:17:52 UTC

The MVNA is a constant source of knowledge, resources and support. We run a better, healthier, more informed program because of their kind, giving and consistently great work. The MVNA supports families and children in our communities through their professionalism and passion.

2014-03-11 13:19:50 UTC

The people in the MVNA have so much knowledge. Our communities are better because of them. It will be a dream come true when their website is able to communicate their vast expertise to all of us!

2014-03-11 14:19:55 UTC

For 112 years MVNA has been a key partner in the metro community providing care and services to the "invisible" - those who live in poverty, who are isolated and disenfranchised. It is hard to tell the important stories about this population without an excellent website. MVNA, on a shoestring budget, has slowly moved up the technology ladder and getting a boost up with a new, jazzy website would be a tremendous bonus!

2014-03-11 14:54:45 UTC

We love our MVNA nurse! She comes to our center each month and works great with teachers and administration.

Additionally, our parent coordinator works with MVNA nurses to help our teen parents get the help they need to get their children to child care and stay in school! Love this organization!

2014-03-11 15:39:33 UTC

MVNA is an improtant organization to so many different constituencies in our community. They deserve a web site that matches their work and mission.

2014-03-11 15:41:54 UTC
Rob Grunewald, Board Member

MVNA is an innovative organization that provides essential health and wellness services where people are at, often in the home. It doesn't matter what stage of life or financial condition, the team at MVNA provides excellent and compassionate care. When MVNA nurses visit families with newborn babies, families are stronger and their children are more likely to be ready for school. When MVNA nurses visit clients on medical assistance, they are less likely to need to go to a nursing home or a hospital. And MVNA reaches many with flu shots and other community services, helping to keep the whole community well.

2014-03-11 20:40:49 UTC

MVNA has provided and is continuing to provide needed health care services to those in our community that chronically need care and who can not afford to the service. This is an important message to get out to the community and a well constructed web site would help to deliver this message.

2014-03-12 12:19:56 UTC
Stephanie Windschill LSN

MVNA has been running my flu clinic for the whole time I have been working in the district. They do a clinic for the staff and then one for the public during conferences. They are wonderful, organized, and prepared for everything. A web site would help get the word out.

2014-03-12 12:23:36 UTC

MVNA has done flu shot clinics for our non-profit organization for several years. The clinics are easy to set up and the nurses that administer the flu shots very professional and organized. We are very pleased that through MVNA we can provide these flu shot clinics for our staff.

2014-03-12 12:28:31 UTC

MVNA has helped vaccinate our company for the past 10 years. During that time we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of lost work days.

2014-03-12 12:16:55 UTC
Jean Hammer RN Honeywell Golden Valley, MN

MNVA was our Flu Shot Clinic provider this last year. MNVA exceeded my expectations in their timely response to my late year request for onsite clinics. From setting up the date and time of the clinic, to information provided prior to the clinic, prompt email replies to questions, fantastic nurses and registrars at the clinic, I could not ask for a better organization to come and give our employees their yearly vaccines! They do all the paperwork involved for the insurance providers each individual has. I will be using them again next year as flu shots continue to be a great practice to provide to employees!

2014-03-12 12:30:40 UTC

I have worked with MVNA at several of my previous and current employers. They have provided excellent services while running our flu shot clinics. They are professional and courteous and I always get good reviews when they are here. It would be very nice for them to have a website where people can go to find out information and get forms. I hope they win!

2014-03-12 12:32:48 UTC
Pam Spadino, Consolidated Container Company

MVNA provides great service and I appreciate having the ability to utilize the services they offer. A web site would be very beneficial and an excellent resource to let it be known about all the services they provide. I am thankful they were there for me when I called upon them.

2014-03-12 12:41:37 UTC

I support MVNA.

2014-03-12 12:59:41 UTC

We have partnered with MVNA for our annual Flu Shot Clinics for the past 6 years. We are very happy with the friendly professionals that have facilitated this program. I rely on their services and website for tools and communications to help educate our employees about the importance of healthy lifestyles. I will continue to support this wonderful organization. Good Luck!

2014-03-12 13:05:33 UTC

MVNA has done amazing things within our community. Anything that can be done to help this company, will help our community even more.

2014-03-12 13:07:07 UTC

Good organization to work with - very friendly, knowledgeable, and just all around pleasant. They would be very deserving of this award and I hope they win.

2014-03-12 13:09:01 UTC

MVNA works with our company to provide annual flu clinics and is wonderful to work with while planning and during the clinic. This is a program we strongly support not only to continue to keep our company healthy, but to promote general health-wise awareness. Having a current/cool website for them could help them reach others who may not have access to their information. Each nurse we meet embraces the philosophy of helping others. We'd love to see The Nerdery help them!

2014-03-12 13:11:55 UTC

MVNA provides a wonderful valuable much needed service!

2014-03-12 13:19:26 UTC

We work with MVNA each year to provide on onsite flu shot clinic in our office. They are a great organization to work with. The flu shot clinics are just a small part of what they do to make our communities healthier. It would be great for this organization to be on the receiving end, since they give so much to help improve the lives of others.

2014-03-12 13:22:08 UTC
HR Manager

MVNA has provided a great service to us with the flu vaccination clinic. We appreciate their quick response and great team scheduling the clinic for us. HR Manager - Prescott, WI.

2014-03-12 13:26:13 UTC
HR Generalist

We work with MVNA each year to provide an onsite flu shot clinic in our office. They are a great organization to work with! It would be great for this organization to win this challenge.

2014-03-12 13:29:17 UTC

The staff at MVNA have helped us out with flu shots and biometric testing for our employees. They have always been professional and personable, as well as being accommodating for our scheduling needs. I highly recommend their services.

2014-03-12 13:31:48 UTC
Tanya G, Forius

The services of MVNA allowed us to hold a successful flu shot clinic in our office park. It was well run, professional and the best part was that they came to us! They deserve this and need it to help fulfill their mission!

2014-03-12 13:31:55 UTC

We worked with MVNA last year to provide a convenience flu shot clinic for our building tenants and our employees. It was well organized before and during the event. They did a great job.

2014-03-12 13:43:01 UTC

MVNA has provided nursing services for over 100 years to needy residents of Minnesota. I think the opportunity to get a website redesign would help them immensely. They are, caring and thorough and I believe a new website would help them greatly.

2014-03-12 13:43:01 UTC

We have MVNA at our Health Fair's to give flu, pneumonia & TDAP shots plus health screenings - Our members love it and all the nurses are wonderful!

2014-03-12 13:46:57 UTC

I've supported MVNA's Annual Spring Shower in donating baby items and funds to support the organization's focus on new Mothers and babies in the community in need. MVNA is made up of a group of intelligent, caring, and dedicated nurses and individuals. They are dedicated to helping and providing the best of care to the individuals and families of our community. It is my pleasure to support such a worthy organization.

2014-03-12 13:50:01 UTC

The MVNA is devoted to providing quality service to all who need it. They provide flu shot clinics at senior residences and are professional, patient and caring.

2014-03-12 13:56:59 UTC

We have worked with MVNA for a number of years regarding onsite employee flu shots and other services. They are a wonderful, professional organization that works to meet the needs of so many in the community. They are so deserving of assistance with their web site. We look forward to continuing to use their services.

2014-03-12 14:09:19 UTC
Craig Hotvedt, Health Fair 11

MVNA is a valuable collaborator with Health Fair 11. As the executive director of Health Fair 11 (also a nonprofit organization) I have worked directly with MVNA staff for more than 15 years. We share a common goal to improve the health of the communities where we live and work.

MVNA executives and staff are passionate about their work. Through Health Fair 11's collaboration with MVNA, we've provided more than a million flu vaccinations, health screenings, and wellness check-ups. Many of our services are provided free-of-charge to people who lack easy access to health care or are uninsured/underinsured.

By rewarding MVNA with a free website design/overhaul, you will allow them to channel money that would have been spent on administrative purposes back into providing care for the most needy in our society.

2014-03-12 14:15:41 UTC

MVNA has provided the nurses for our senior center annual flu shot clinic for 14+ years. The clinic schedulers are very accommodating and will tailor the time frame to meet our needs and service hours.
Bothe the nurses & the registrars work well with older adults and as a result, the clinics run smoothly.

2014-03-12 14:16:10 UTC
SatCom Marketing, LLC

SatCom Marketing supports MVNA as a professional source for Wellness Initiatives and a resource for clients and individuals in the Twin Cities.

2014-03-12 14:21:53 UTC

I am very proud to say I work for MVNA in the office. I love the fact that MVNA serves the community in numerous ways and finds ways to provide quality care even if the client has no insurance, limited funds or inadequate insurance. Just as all client's are treated with respect and consideration, employees are also.

2014-03-12 14:28:14 UTC

I am proud to say that I am a MVNA team member when I am outreaching in community, especially the hard to reach and the medically underserved populations. We are good at what we do and we do it with compassion.

2014-03-12 14:30:49 UTC
Sue Mueller, HLT, Inc.

We have worked with MVNA over the last several years for our annual flu shot clinic. We have been pleased with their professionalism and how smoothly the clinic runs. I would highly recommend their services.

2014-03-12 14:39:37 UTC

MVNA does a fantastic job of community support for young parents who may not have the tools to help their infants develop physically and provides education to help the parent enrich the child's environment in those early formative months.

2014-03-12 14:59:11 UTC

We support MVNA in their efforts!

2014-03-12 15:00:47 UTC

MVNA is an organization full of caring people that sole intention is to better the lives of as many people they can by providing care and immunizations. These organizations need all of the support they can get as funding is difficult to obtain and expense continue to increase. It is a community service that we, as human beings, can not afford to let go by the wayside.

2014-03-12 15:02:20 UTC

MVNA does our flu shot clinic every year. They do a wonderful job and always have great nurses on staff for our events! Thanks MVNA

2014-03-12 15:02:59 UTC
Barbara Baldwin

Hospice of the Twin Cities has helped with two of my loved ones who were terminally ill, my husband and my best friend. Both times the workers who helped us were professional, kind, caring and supportive. Our nurses and support members were people we could depend on. Their attitudes showed that they cared. When my husband was ill and I was still working they even sent a housekeeper to help me with chores I did not have time to do. When my loved ones passed away they were there to deal with all of the red tape that happens. And the caring doesn't stop there. There is grief counceling and memorial services. They do not place a time limit on how long you can use these after death services. If there is any organization that deserves to win, it is Hospice of the Twin Cities and Hospice of the Valley.

2014-03-12 15:29:14 UTC
Nancy Olen, RN, Ed.D, faith community nurse

I value our relationship with MVNA, and have found their services to be excellent and timely. They provide high quality nursing skill to many areas of need in our community.

2014-03-12 15:44:29 UTC

I am an employee of MVNA, this organization provides valuable healthcare throughout the Twin Cities who would truly benefit with a new improved website!

2014-03-12 16:00:19 UTC
Mount Olivet Child Learning Center

We began our partnership with MVNA in August, 2013, and our monthly visits with our health consultant are always very beneficial and worthwhile. She is there to answer questions through emails and willing to give us the time to make those updates and/or changes. Through MVNA we were also able to offer a Flu Clinic to our families and staff, which proved to be very well attended and quite an organized process. I would strongly encourage programs to take advantage of that service. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with MVNA.

2014-03-12 16:16:56 UTC
Dave Daline

As one of a number of many volunteer members who have served on MVNA committees over the past 15 years, I can say from experience that MVNA has a very charitable culture that is effectively helping more people than their resources should allow them to. People do things on a volunteer basis with MVNA because of their desire to help people. This is what this organization was built on. There is always a challenge to find the resources to help those in need. The very creative and dedicated staff at MVNA stretches the limited resources available to them further than any group I have worked with. If you want your Nerdery Web Challenge to benefit the most number of people in need, I think you have found your winner.

2014-03-12 16:26:27 UTC
Jane/ parish nurse

Thanks to MVNA , a very organized non profit organization,
I have been Able to offer flu clinics
To my congregation every fall.

2014-03-12 17:28:19 UTC

I have volunteered with the baby project for young mothers. That project alone is a wonderfully helpful program to help young women and
their children up to 2 years. Help to support this program and all of the work that MVNA does.

2014-03-12 17:29:46 UTC

I've had the pleasure to work with MVNA a few years now and believe their organization brings great value to our community. I am in full support of this initiative and know it will pay huge dividends.

2014-03-12 17:34:31 UTC
Christy Myers

I have volunteered with MVNA's Lifeline program. I'm impressed with the nurses I've met and the care they have for their clients.

2014-03-12 17:36:57 UTC
Intermediate School District 917 - Val Whitmer

Our company has also used MVNA for our flu shots since 2010. I could not be happier with how the clinics were facilitated with great professionalism. Staff has had nothing but great compliments to MVNA. I chose MVNA knowing full well that funds go directly back into our surrounding communities. MVNA is a wonderful organization.

2014-03-12 18:37:11 UTC

MVNA has provided great service throughout multiple flu shot clinics, and the organization I am a part of will continue to work with MVNA for our future needs in this area.

2014-03-12 20:45:42 UTC

We have used the MVNA for years for the Flu Shot Clinic. Professional is every area. Employees love the convenience of having the clinic on site. Great organization!

2014-03-13 01:22:11 UTC

MVNA provides the personal and professional care right in the "home" as it is desperately needed when I person is faced with the uncertainty of an illness. I know the Nerdery Team can make the critical services of MVNA available to our community!

2014-03-13 13:25:30 UTC
HR Manager

Minnesota Visiting Nurses Association provides valuable service to the business community as well as our community as a whole. Their Mission Statement says it all. Please provide this great non-profit the help they need with their web design. Thanks!

2014-03-13 22:45:38 UTC

MVNA offers Much needed services.

2014-03-13 23:44:43 UTC

When I talk with people about MVNA, they know about flu shot clinics. Rarely do they know about the important work done by our Family health through teen Mom home visits, or Home Health with PCA assistance, or even our association with Care Management of Complex diseases. A newly remodeled website would better reflect the breadth and depth of MVNA services and the positive impact on our communities.

2014-03-14 01:41:08 UTC

I strongly encourage you to continue your work toward having your website developed. This would help in making the MVNA better known in the community. Somehow you need to continue to make the publis aware of the great programs you have and the support you provide the community. I have enjoyed working with your staff and wish you the best in your endeavors to improve the public's health. Thank you for all you do.

2014-03-14 19:43:35 UTC

I am a Public Health Nurse working with MVNA for two years. I can say I am proud to work at MVNA because of their unending support of the community and the support of their employees. We have strong leadership, commitment and values. We will be strong for years into the future because of all the good we do!

2014-03-14 19:50:42 UTC

This would really help us for people to understand what we do and to have a web site which is clasy looking. We should be chossen because our staff works really hard seeing clients who are living in generational poverty and have little hope.

2014-03-14 19:52:19 UTC

MVNA is great to work at and what a difference we can make in the lives of so many people. Please give us a new look so we can reach out and pay it forward even better!

2014-03-14 20:10:47 UTC

MVNA has been providing quality care throughout the Metro area for many years. I have heard many compliments regarding the excellent nursing staff. MVNA also provides parenting/teaching to hundreds of teens for antepartum or postpartum care. MVNA provides comprehensive care to all of their home health and family health clients.

2014-03-15 22:13:27 UTC

I have been with working with MVNA for five years. There is a great need for a website that is user friendly and easily accessible. There is so much that MVNA does for the community while always being aware and concerned to be fiscally responsible with the resources that we have gotten from the community. Many employees go over and above to help others. It would be great to receive a professional updated as a better way to reach out to our clients and community to help people know what we can do. Thank you for considering MVNA.

2014-03-15 22:14:43 UTC

MVNA has provided excellent service to our students through annual immunization clinics for students and families.

2014-03-17 13:35:03 UTC

We have used the services of MVNA for our flu shots the past few years and have always been impressed by the staff that provides the service. MVNA has made having a clinic a pleasant experience for us all the way around. Thank you

2014-03-17 21:54:40 UTC
Becky McIntosh

Professionally MVNA has provided great service for the City of Minneapolis with home visiting for our highest risk families, and annual flu shot clinics.
Personally MVNA hospice care was wonderful for my mother in her final months.

Our Mission

MVNA has strong ties to the community and is committed to providing high-quality, nurse-led, client-centered care. MVNA’s mission states: Improving lives at every age through home and community health services. The values MVNA staff are committed to are: Competence, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect, Resourcefulness and Compassion. Compassion. Ingenuity. Optimism. These three words make up our Brand Promise and are inscribed above entry ways staff members pass under daily as a reminder of who we are and how we conduct our work. They are embedded in our vision statement: Using compassion and ingenuity to profoundly impact the health and independence of individuals, families and communities. Whether serving at the front desk answering calls for help, driving through snow to help a client with medication problems, or helping a new mom with an ill baby, staff cares deeply for the clients and uses compassion during care giving, ingenuity in finding community resources, and shares optimism with each client that they will reach their goals. MVNA’s core programs by division are: Adult Health Services provides Home Health visits to: adults with acute and chronic medical conditions including cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS; individuals requiring IV therapy, care for wounds and rehabilitative therapies; and people struggling with chemical dependency and behavioral health issues. Advanced Illness Management, AIM, is a palliative care program helping clients and caregivers manage their chronic diseases in the last couple years of life. Family Health Services provides family-centered and community based public health services to low-income, at-risk families through home visits promoting: healthy birth outcomes; positive parent-child interaction; healthy child growth and development; family self-sufficiency; and healthy care environments. Nurse-Family Partnership and Healthy Families America (HFA) are two long-term nationally recognized evidence-based home visiting programs that transforms lives of vulnerable first-time mothers living in poverty by improving prenatal care, quality of parenting, and life prospects for mothers by partnering them with a registered nurse. A similar program called Healthy Start focuses on intensive home visiting for African Americans and American Indians who are at highest risk of infant mortality. Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative targets a specific area in Hennepin County. Community Health Services has a Wellness Services program that provides on-site immunizations, biometric health screenings and training courses in CPR, first aid, and AED aimed at prevention. Proceeds from Wellness services help to support care given to ill and disabled adults, families, and children through other MVNA programs. Other programs within the Community Health Services division are: School Nurse Consultation Program, Child Care Center Nurse Consultation, Child Care Health and Safety Consultation, Personal Care Assessments, Case Coordination and Complex Case Management, and JumpStartScreens provides over 6,000 health screens to over 3,000 children ages infant to ten meeting identified gap in the community. Hospice of the Twin Cities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MVNA and Hospice has its own 501(c) (3) from the IRS. Hospice aids individuals on their journey through life into death. Hospice helps transition patients and families along this path by offering comprehensive care focused on easing the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain that often accompanies terminal illness. Services are provided wherever the patient calls home, be that a private home, apartment complex, assisted living, group home or long-term care facility. Care offered to residents of long-term care facilities who are facing a terminal illness is carried out in partnership with the facility staff. The hospice team provides state-of-the-art symptom management, as well as emotional and spiritual support for residents and their families. Annually MVNA serves over 15,000 individuals, provides over 55,000 home visits, administers over 90,000 immunizations, consults with 248 licensed child care centers and 42 charter schools, Interprets during more than 4,500 visits in 27 different languages with Spanish, Somali and Hmong being the most prevalent, and provides close to 6,000 non-medical health and safety items to households to close the gap in their care.